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Movie comments, outbursts, quips and general chatter

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Alphableat, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. I'm delighted that The Great Wall is opening tomorrow.

    I've approximately zero interest in seeing it, but at least I'll soon be able to look at something besides the inside of my eyelids without being bombarded with ads for it.
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  2. About 75% of video game adaptations feel like watching someone else play the game for 90 minutes.

    The other 25% could only dream of being that exciting.
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  3. "I feel like Bruce Willis being a ghost in The Sixth Sense could have been more widely advertised."
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  4. Well, no. That's a pivotal point of the whole movie. Mr Glass felt like a reference shoehorned in with little relevance to the film whatsoever.
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  5. You're right. It was a very poorly handled "twist", but I guess the element of surprise was the only thing it had going for it.
  6. Fuck I only just realised Call Me By Your Name is the book of the same name. Jesus, that book was bloody good!

    I'm so pleased the peach scene is fully *cough* "fleshed" out.
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  7. Oh, excellent, is this out already?
  8. It's doing the rounds at the festivals at the minute, probably a general release in a few months.
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  9. The Disaster Artist is finally premiering at SXSW next month, but according to IMDB it isn't released until December.

    Please tell me they're positioning it for next year's Oscars, that would be so perfect in so many ways.
  10. I watched ARRIVAL this evening, superb cinema. Thoughtful, in depth sci-fi, that felt like it took a couple of shades from Torchwood : Children Of Earth (which is no bad thing), and Amy Adams was absolutely stupendous. Give her the Oscar I say.
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  11. This already looks amazing

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  12. Watched Girlhood last night. I was completely blown away - it's a damn near work of art.
  13. The Lobster is such a fantastic film. Fucking weird.
  14. Ok, I'm really enjoying Ghostbusters from last year, a lot. The leads gel so well, and it's (not) surprisingly better than the second one, even if nothing could beat the classic first.

    Did it do enough to give us more?
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  15. It's very unlikely that we'll see a sequel.
  16. I watched The Village last night expecting it to be awful - absolutely loved it. Genuinely quite creepy.
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  17. I really enjoyed Ghostbusters too, baffled as to the flack it got.
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  18. I'm watching CATFIGHT...

    Come thru a barely aged Alicia Silverstone and Anne Heche as a quarrelling lesbian couple, and Sandra Oh as an overbearing mother.
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  19. it was the worst film I've ever seen in a cinema... insufferable garbage.
  20. SPIRITED AWAY this afternoon, absolutely iconic cinema.
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