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Musicians Of Popjustice

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hunterpoop, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I'm back writing again. Very exciting.
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  2. Well I'm looking to collaborate with any musicians/producers if anyone is game? I kinda suck at the music-making/production part.
  3. Ray


    My new single:

    The second video and single, "Fall Forever" (vocals by Billie Ray Martin) is going to be rather awesome. The video was originally filmed for John Grant but his management rejected it (I'm pretty sure John himself never got to see it). It was completely re-edited for "Fall Forever" and contains, um, some gay context. It also looks stunning.

    I may never have a hit again (I had one in 2001 in Poland) but that doesn't mean I won't die trying. Coincidentally if anybody here feels like doing a remix for free (my earnings from previous EP were €7), hit me up by PM.
  4. @Ray I love Audio Boy!

    Third song from 1994, Run Away With Me is here!
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  5. Anyone want to collab?
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  6. A couple of not-so-recent instrumentals of mine:

    These ones are a bit bonkers. It wouldn't fit on any of the three albums I've written.
    Years later, I noticed the loop patterns towards the end of "Out of Old Wind" sounded like that of a certain known song but I will let you guess which one. Hope some of you enjoy. What do you guys think of my stage name, it's a hybrid of two of my favorite movies, and when I made it up I knew it was the one!
  7. Some more listens would be appreciated! Just avoid the tracks with my vocals haha, they're currently being mixed, sort of. Let's hope for the best. Thanks to anyone who listens. The Port is a lot more accessible than OOOW.
    Otherwise these would open my album:
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    I was quite active on youtube a few years ago, posting videos of me playing various Madonna songs on the keyboard, the occasional remix etc. I only stopped because something weird happened with youtube/google and ever since 2010 I haven't been able to get into my own account! Quite frustrating, I tried to email for help but no luck! Hmph
  11. I've done a cover of everyone's fave threesome anthem!
  12. But the track isn't 3:33!
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  13. I play music but it would earn both inverted commas and a 666 on the PJ Almighty. Particularly our bluegrass cover of Toxic.
  14. I've finally been learning how to produce vocals, it's fun! It's not perfect still but thank goodness a friend told me about EQ frequencies and co because I was a bit lost.
    I've only done about three complete songs this year, and you guys? I wish I could write on a daily basis like from late 2009-mid 2012 but I guess I've moved on a bit and I feel I've said everything I could as long as I don't get new life experiences!

    ETA: Here's a mixtape of demos I've made from more recent songs. Mountains is one I wrote this year but it's more of an intro there, so skip it and start with the second one which is as close to a bop as I will make. My personal favorite is the last one, the title track Civilization. The vocals are a bit irritating I know!!

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  15. Hi there, i see theres lots of talented people in here, especially producers!
    I'm in a pop band called 'Megah' and we write all our songs in spanish because we are from Argentina, we are just starting and hoping to break though, here's our two videos so far and we are currently working on our third one.
    I'm the youngest/smaller looker one, the other two are my friends!
    Hope you enjoy them

    "Esperando un guatsap"
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