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Nadine Coyle - 'Nadine' The EP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattyjayy, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Quite clearly they need to go the bonkers o clock route
    I’ve bought my tour tickets and I like what she’s doing , but she needs to play to her audience - the gays !
    It’s why go to work has err worked
    That’s your strategy Nadine and Brian
  2. I've got faith Something In Your Bones will be what we're waiting for. Saving the best till last, etc.
  3. I await Something In Your Bones, got to be good surely? Girls on Fire & Gossip which I like just don't excite me.
  4. I think everything looks good for Nadine. We didn’t expect ANYTHING from her and so far we have a killer first single with a good video and promo, a tour and EP and a second single coming soon. If the second single is as good as it needs to be then I’m happy. So far all of the tracks have been good. Gossip, September Song and Girls On Fire aren’t single quality but they’re good enough as a re-introduction.

    My hope is that like other modern artists the second single and overall EP do well enough that we eventually get an album. I think that’s why they don’t fill the EP with the best of the best in hopes of an album.
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  5. I would love an album. They only need a few more songs then they have enough for an album, but to be fair she said from the off even before anything was released that the plan was a four song package EP. She even mentioned the possibility of there not being an album at all . I agree. It's more than I was expecting after she left it so late and just to have such a killer lead single 'Go To Work' and a brilliant cover of 'September Song' is enough to be thankful for. I don't think she's quite found her sound as an artist yet especially one that showcases her talents and I think it's going to be another learning process for her going forward. I wait for the day I get that adult contemporary record from her, she has the voice for it. For me, this record is Progress from the mistakes she made from 'Insatiable' and the dated sounds of that era.
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  6. she sounds fantastic on September Song. A lot less harsh, confident and smooth.
    Yas Naydeen!
  7. I really do hope Something In Your Bones is the big one they've been saving - the true follow-up to Go To Work. I'm hoping we get another music video.
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  8. I mean, it feels we are putting all our chips on Something In Your Bones. As far as I can see no-one has heard it. We don’t even know if it’s an uptempo or a ballad.

    There’s no way the song can live up to expectations based on absolutely nothing.
  9. I know it’s just guessing games at this point, but I have an overwhelming feeling that Something In Your Bones might be underwhelming... like the chorus just repeats the last word, ala “something in your bones bones bones bones bones bones” (x3) and not in a Work from Home kinda way.

    Prove me wrong, queen.
  10. This is the only description we have of it

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  11. I like her songs from her EP. Out of all of them so far, I like Girls On Fire the least.
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  12. Spotify update: September Song (44,715), Gossip (50,124), Girls On Fire (82,561), Go To Work (1,179,103).

    It'll be nice once all the songs off the EP are on at least 100k+, but of course I'm in no delusion that these figures are low in comparison to the other artists.
  13. I really enjoy September Song. Her vocals sound toned down and less affected, it's almost like they took note of the criticism of her new voice.

    I love Something in Your Bones already just off the title. Surely a song with that title can't be dull, surely it must be a return to Xeno bonkers o'clock finery, surely surely surely...

    Holding my thumbs.
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  14. Something In Your Bones to me sounds like it could be as epic as Biology or as meh as Girls On Fire.

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  15. September Song is a bop and I love that her vocals are in between extra and normal, I couldn't stand them in Girls On Fire.
  16. So how's the tour selling?
  17. No one really knows, but you can still get meet and greet tickets everywhere, so make of that what you will.
  18. There are artists I purchase via Pledge Music who I am convinced sell less & generate much less excitement than Nadine. At the very least she could get the album out that way, her people would know how many copies to press on the basis of pre orders & her current label would at least re-coup on recording/ artist development costs.

    However no recent Kylie single can be classed a certifiable ‘Hit’ either (despite making the compilations), yet the demand for album product from her is clear. Yes Kylie has a larger fan base but I still feel Nadine has generated enough interest to surprise us all with how successful this album could be too (despite lack of a successful preceding Single).

    I think she could at least go Top. 20 if they were to just bite the bullet & green light the album by Summer. If they don’t have the bottle for a full mainstream release then by all means, I hope they use Pledge.
  19. I think that everything is in this second release. If somehow it works, then we can hope for a proper album release, otherwise we should really just enjoy the first and last tour of Nadine.
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  20. Your style of writing is very... similar.
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