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Nadine Coyle - Womp Womp

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mattyjayy, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. This not being released in the US is a choice I'm really upset over.
  2. I can imagine this song being used in a Boots or Vagisil ad campaign
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  3. Guys, I haven't been charged yet for the ticket I bought last week.

    Should I worry or just celebrate the fact that I may meet Nuhdeen for free?!
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  4. I think poor management personally from Guy's comment.
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  5. Such a great interview!
  6. An album cover.
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  7. TMI


    I've been listening to these podcasts while ironing. They're interesting indeed. I like how they talk about the Sexy No No No tour entrance. The highlight of their tour journey.
  8. Where do I sign up to be locked away forever in this Nadine Coyle "what do the gays like best" focus group. Do I need to open a vein and sign in blood BECAUSE I WILL
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  9. The new shoot she just did would make for a fabulous sophomore album cover.

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  10. ^^ Oh Land Earth Sick teas...
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  11. Now I want this to be her EP cover.
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  12. Wasn't it where the label wanted her to record some Jade Ewen songs that were from her shelved album (not bad songs either). Reports said Bruce/Nadine were difficult and over demanding. The way she got that Universal solo deal wasn't great either btw. She apparently held the Out Of Control album to ransom by saying she wouldn't do unless she got a solo deal. She got her way and if you want my theory they got their own back on her. I presume she went for the Tesco deal because of financial reasons and complete creative control which in the end means nothing if their is no budget for 2-3 singles.

    I presume she was badly advised and encouraged by Bruce and by that point had become a little too big for her boots opting out of tv shows and appearances they were doing for happenstance reasons whereas at the start of her career she would have loved such opportunities. I think the blame lies with Nadine/Bruce 50.50. Getting her own solo manager won't have warmed her to people at the label or management either and the girls who stuck with Hillary (for the initial years after the hiatus) did very well - yes they didn't sell records either but they got lots of opportunities....Nadine didn't have almost anything from 2009-2011.

    The Insatiable album. The leaders of the pack podcast completely sings the praises of 'Insatiable' the single, almost a little too much but is a very interesting listen especially the Guy Chambers interview. Her insistence on co-writing credits on all songs meant she didn't have the best material. At the end of the day, for the type of artist she was gonna be no one cared if she wrote a song or not. I also thought it was a mish mash of songs.
    The good - Put Your Hands Up, Runnin, Red Light, Lullaby, Raw, Rumors, Make A Man Out Of You
    Dated - Natural, Sexy Love Affair, Chained, You Are The One
  13. Narrator: “this one’s for my girl she’s on fire, and you know that she ain’t-, you know that she ain’t treating it well”.
  14. I don't think she has a big enough sample size of fans to carry out a focus group.
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  15. Or, a single cover now, or in two weeks or one of the singles she plans to keep releasing.

    Does it not strike anyone as odd whenever an album is mentioned she diverts and repeats the same line about "more singles, more singles", sounds to me like that an album isn't a done deal yet.
  16. To be fair to her though, it seems like what the plan is so at least she's being honest...
  17. I don’t think not having a promo gig like X Factor (on the side) is enough of a reason for Universal to have been anti solo Nadine. It must have been the behaviour of the abrasive U.S. Manager who pissed them off.

    With Cheryl managed by Modest (then), Nadine could have got a good solo thing going with Hilary (if she had hung around in the U.K. long enough to do so).
    I would cherish these tracks that are dropping, as the unselected ones could eventually be airbrushed from the iTunes interface, just like the Radio Mix of Fleur East’s 2nd single.
  18. This is an outrage!!! We should all boycott or something.
  19. Please do not speak over burn victim voices.
  20. Ellie Goulding's Burn is more offensive than the title of this song.
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