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Nadine Coyle - Womp Womp

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mattyjayy, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. I don’t know where Nadine stood with Hilary then. If Nadine did hold the girls to ransom, refused to film some of the tv shows for promo (Passions, Ghost Hunting, Brits etc) and was always late then I doubt they would of bent over backwards and take the risk of managing her. Back the it was the promo that sold the records.
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  2. Cheryl and Kimberley discuss in their autobiographies how Hillary got a shock when Nadine had hired Bruce as a solo manager and he rang her. He then also came along to the Out Of Control tour which was uncalled for and apparently told anyone who would listen that he was Nadine's manager. When Nadine was questioned by the other girls she apparently replied..."he's here to protect my interests". Ridiculous really...
    Then couple that with being late, saying NO to Ghosthunting (which I'd let her off so she may just be genuinely scared) but then Passions too, the Brits no-show where she didn't show despite their 1st ever Best Group nomination. Apparently she was 3 hours late to the filming/rehearsals of Girls Aloud Party. Then her demanding a solo deal with Universal otherwise she wouldn't do a new Girls Aloud album (probably egged on by Bruce). It is with all that together with that Nadine doesn't come off great....and more recently where she went public with the whole I didn't know about the split etc which we'll see if it was a lie or the truth. Totally, I can see why some of the other girls might not like her very much. She changed after the success of SOGA and her move to LA.
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  3. Getting confused now her new tour ad on Facebook now says songs from the new album? can they just make up there mind between an ep or and album
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  4. The ad for the tour has always said "forthcoming new album", I guess they're still hopeful that an album will come out this year.
  5. IT also shows a clip of some sort of video to Girls On Fire. Is that just a promo video for the tour or part of an actual music video for the song?
  6. Get off the internet Nicola...
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  7. Do you really think Nicola would have a Girls on Fire avatar....?

    Did I mention she hates Beautiful Cause You Love Me too? Team GINGE.
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  8. Yep just seen it, looks encouraging to me!
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  9. I'd rather have NO music video than have that! It's awful. I think that's just a promo clip, they played it behind her when she was performing Girls on Fire live for the first too at the Nightingale gig.
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  10. hun you've had enough accounts and years on here to know not to use smilies.
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  11. She secretly wants Nicodine to happen
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  12. Keep Nicola away from Nadine, she's not worthy of the Irish Passport Diva.
  13. I'll be shocked if they film a music video for 'Girls On Fire' as the streaming hasn't been great but with this new strategy that isn't likely to be a problem as they can move onto the next song with little expense spared and see if 'Gossip' can gain enough attention to warrant a music video and then some promo pushing that track instead
  14. Sarah’s autobiography is coming soon so maybe we’ll get another side to this story/subject?
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  15. [​IMG]

    Hopefully. I would love to know the truth for my sanity.
  16. Apologies. I forgot about the smilies rules, won't happen again!
  17. Any confirmation regarding this?
  18. She’s currently gathering photos to put in it. Not sure where the writing process is.
  19. Does everybody know Nadine’s on Loraine tomorrow?
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  20. Queen of scrapbooking.
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