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Nadine Coyle - Womp Womp

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mattyjayy, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. TMI


    She's gonna perform Girls on Fire ?
  2. I think she’s just talking about the tour.
  3. #beymaytuckets
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  4. All of the tour promo she’s posting says it’s a Girls Aloud hits and songs from her forthcoming album. Queen of misleading her fans.
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  5. She should do a Girls Aloud anti-tour.
  6. Nice interview. She seems in a great place. Girls on Fire has finally grown on me today! Go To Work is another level of brilliance for me. It's only at 40,000 streams on Spotify. Maybe I like it now because I know it's not the second single now...So it's been a week today we all heard it, so am I right in thinking next week we'll get Gossip? Exciting.
  7. I like how she refers to what it used to be like on stage during Girls Aloud times with her backing singers! She looks great too.
  8. I....don't think a stand alone song release and a single release makes much difference for Nadine?
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  9. You like it because you can justify its poor performance?
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  10. Yep and the lowered expectations now I know it's not the full on second single.
  11. Big difference between her just putting out songs every two weeks and a full on single release - Go To Work was a proper release it had a music video, remixes, acoustic versions, radio and tv tour and performances etc. I don't think 'Girls on Fire' is gonna get that now....

    A song every two weeks. Spoil me rotten please Ms Coyle.
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  12. I sometimes can't get over how brilliant of a single Go To Work is for Nadine. I think if she released this as her debut in 2010 it would have done much better than Insatiable, the difference between trying too hard and just a good fun pop record. Still not crazy about the artwork BUT....Still my jam all these months later, a great motivating song waking up to this! Why isn't this on in gyms and fitness playlists everywhere?
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  13. Go To Work is the best song released by any of the Girls Aloud hens and I refuse to hear otherwise.
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  14. Is what Dan Wootton said (about the other 4, very recently turning down the offer to reform & Tour as a Group) actually true then (or is it rubbish)?
  15. Total rubbish! But to be fair on Dan it's the angle Nadine and her team are going to promote her tour.
  16. I am PERCHED for the Go To Work/Something New mash-up she'll do on tour, let me tell you.
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  17. Would love an official mash up of this, abso goes OFF!!
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  18. Nicola says hi.
  19. This is exactly what I expect from Nadine's upcoming outing.