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Name Artists and/or Albums you like that never quite made it...

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Ron Parsons, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Brandi Carlile (after The Story) I thought she was gonna be huge
    Keane (Hopes & Fears) I thought they'd be around the upper ranks of charts for years
    Tyka Nelson (Royal Blue) way overshadowed by Prince....never had a chance
    Billy Lawrence (One Might Say) I expected her to take off
    Jennifer Paige, Vitamin C, Jordan Hill (got lost in the teen explosion)
  2. From the mid-80s:

    The Adventures - 1st album never got anywhere despite a handful of very minor Top 75 singles and a ton of promotion/airplay....2nd album produced a decent Top 20 hit but they never kicked on and the album sank.

    Hipsway - struck chart gold with 3rd single (UK and US Top 20), but again there was no kick-on from there, and the band eventually splintered.

    The Kane Gang - nearly men of 80s chart pop...several minor hits, quite a reasonable profile during 1984, but the debut album took too long to appear and its final single tanked. Follow-up LP almost 3 years later arrived to great reviews and had a US hit (Motortown) but once again the public didn't come on board.

    Sheila E. - overshadowed by Prince, but then who wasn't?
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  3. Some more...

    Thomas Lang - stunning voice, had the looks too...debut album Scallywag Jaz had some tunes as well. Got lost in the avalanche of great new music in 1987. Not even the backing of CBS, and some high-profile promo could crack the charts. Carried on through into the 90s, eventually ending up on OMD's Telegraph label and collaborating with Paul Humphreys.

    Bourgeois Tagg - a one-hit-wonder from the US, whose album Yo Yo was full of clever, atmospheric pop. A bit of 10cc, some Andrew Gold influences, plus more modern references like Mr Mister and even some Neil Finn-esque touches. All in all it was a bit too diverse and accomplished for its own good.
  4. Keane were pretty big! All their albums went #1 and their last tour was an arena tour...
  5. La Camilla, from Army Of Lovers
    Wouldn't Martika count? Had a huge first album, a new fab single and then bye?
  6. well here in the US, Keane's album Hopes & Fears sold 500,000 and hit Billboard album chart #45...the only single from that album to chart on Hot 100 was "Somewhere Only We Know" #50

    the next album Under The Iron Sea two years later sold little less than 400,000 and only Hot 100 single was "Is It Any Wonder" #78

    and that's it...only those two singles charted on Hot 100
    they've gone done hill since
  7. White Lillies Island comes to mind...
  8. Boomkat/ Taryn manning
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  9. That makes sense, but yeah they've always sold a lot of albums and tours even if the singles haven't been big in 10 years plus.
  10. I remember in the early 00's there were tonnes of artists who had 1 or 2 singles that I like but faded into obscurity.

    Jo Breezer



    and V
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  11. St. Paul was another lost by the Prince influence
  12. Kate Nash - initially successful but got lost in the wave of 'UK cool girls of the late 00s' such as Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen who give or take a few differences were making the same sort of music. At the same time Lily essentially was already doing what Kate was music and image wise but 10 times better.

    Natasha Bedingfield - offered something unique and different during her first era with her sound and image and she is a brilliant songwriter. But with the second album she practically plunged into a cringy self parody.

    Diana Vickers - I thought she would be huge for a while after Once and her debut album came out and both hit #1 but her mainstream success kind of ended there really.

    Alexandra Burke - during her first era I think she really had the potential to be the UK Beyonce to some extent. But to be honest it began going downhill for her after Start Without You.

    The 411 - already mentioned on this thread but I think music and image wise with their singles and videos they had the potential to be direct rivals to Sugababes 2.0 and in 2004 it looked like they were on the cusp of becoming the next big girl group but then it all went wrong with the third single, which in hindsight really should have come after the album.
  13. Andrea Martin - The Best of Me - respected songwriter (En Vogue's Don't Let Go and Leona's Better in Time)but her own album never took off the way it should have. Great album, though.
  14. Here in the US....Five Star never caught on longer than a minute....
    they had a few R&B hits (Let Me Be The One being the biggest) and then
    they were gone!
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  15. I'll always be slightly bitter that Little Boots didn't reach Katy Perry levels of fame like I thought she would. She's only gotten better since Hands (to my tastes anyway) and she seems to be into so many of the same things I am. Working Girl is totally the album I would make if I were a popstar, sonically and thematically. It's pretty much the story of my life.
  16. It's ridiculous how many UK acts have been ignored in North America. Even pre-Internet, I enjoyed the music of Five Star in Canada. It helped that I visited Ireland in 1986 and London in 1987 so I could indulge my little gayling self with the fabulous music.

    But Five Star, Sonia, Robbie Williams, Girls Aloud and now Little Mix (and many, many others) should have all had huge careers. But thank goodness for Internet, Amazon and Pop Justice to share the music.
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  17. I'd have to say Fefe Dobson. I genuinely do think that she could have had more success outside of Canada had Island given her more of a push. Luckily her 2010 return gave her a pretty good run, but it feels like a real pop injustice that she didn't get the worldwide attention she deserved.

    It's a pity history is repeating itself, with her second album and singles this individual deal not gaining any traction.

  18. Curve "Cuckoo": this album is imo one of the best albums ever made by any band.
    Curve in general are probably one of the most under rated bands of all time.

    Ingrid Schroeder, Andrea Parker, Mandalay, Olive, Mono, Ruby,
    (all from the 90s trip hop genre, made better albums than some of those who were more successful)

    Shara Nelson, Nicolette, Jhelisa (some of the best vocalists around but mostly overlooked)

    Violet Indiana, Snowbird/Stephanie Dosen (over shadowed by Guthrie's other band the Cocteau Twins)

    Tim Hutton, Abraham (early OOs trip hop, maybe too late to the party?)

    Dot Allison, Stina Nordenstam (ignored so much they retired from music)
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  19. I thought Little Mix were pretty big in the states? I'm sure I read they played Madison Square Gardens recently for instance.
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