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NAMIE AMURO Discography Rate 「Part One」【...】

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Y’all have like 20 days left.

    So far the results are crazy! My favourite song is winning!!! Cause I’m the only one that voted.

    I haven’t actually done my scores yet. Please help.
  2. Def getting on it on Monday if not before then. I think I have decided which song is getting my 11 - it was close between two songs!
  3. I'm working on this now, sweetie.
  4. I chose my 11 but there were so many contenders. It’s going to be even harder once we get to her post-SUITE CHIC era.
  5. TRY ME is such a goddamn jam.
  6. I'm a mess lately, so I'm procrastinating like crazy. Gotta do this.
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  7. These songs have become the soundtrack to my routine the last 2 weeks, but the struggle is real with my commentary. Don't know how you guys decided 11s! Songs like Dreaming I was dreaming and LOVE 2000 have really grown on me.
  8. PRIVATE is probably my fav non-single from S19B rn
  9. y e s s s WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF SYSTEM 2000
  10. Hey guys, quick question. Did you want "soon nineteen" to be included? It was originally part of the rate but after hearing it again I realised it's essentially an outro with very little Namie on it so I removed it. But if you guys want I will keep it on the list.
  11. I love '...soon nineteen' but you're right about it being more of a glorified outro than an actual song so I wouldn't mind it being excluded.

    My album averages:
    Dance Tracks Vol 1: 7.33
    Original Tracks Vol 1: 6.53
    Sweet 19 Blues: 8.10
    Concentration 20: 7.70
    Genius 2000: 7.46
    Break The Rules: 5.10
    Extras: 5.87
  12. Tried not to be a stan, but was probably one anyway. Whoops.

    And I know y'all better not be doing "never shoulda" wrong.
  13. I'm fucking finally starting this today, god!
  14. I've basically covered the first album yesterday and, Jesus, the 90s nostalgia is strong with this one.
  15. I'm cackling at "me love votes!!" Ktngidbf
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  16. Soon 19 is terrifying!

    I'm finally starting this today, honest! Go! Go! (Yume no Hayasade) sounds like I'm listening to an 80s videogame soundtrack!
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  17. By the by, I'm removing "I know..." from the rate (thanks for noticing @send photo) since it's essentially another instrumental outro.

    The quality control in this rate is phenomenal.

  18. And it got a 10 without any vocals. Selena wishes.
  19. I wasn't going to mention I know... Because it's incredible

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  20. Going to start this now but damn why do this and the Jessie Ware rate need to have the same deadline...
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