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NAMIE AMURO Discography Rate 「Part One」me love votes!!【ONE WEEK LEFT】

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BEST FICTION, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Thank you for that! I forgot she had so many remix versions on albums during this part!
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  2. Super Luck!, Get My Shinin & Go! Go! (Yume no Hayasade) have been added to the rate. I'll find links for them in a second then update the first post.
  3. Oop, I was gonna ask about the missing tracks... but didn't for some reason.
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  5. At least I'm a 10.
  6. Updated the first post with Dance Tracks Vol 1. Thanks again to @send photo for being an icon.
  7. Can't wait to recreate the Showtime PV when avex sues me
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  8. I've had her whole discography (thank you @send photo ), but I'm still over here listening to everything again and thinking about scores like
  9. Can't wait for you to give most of the songs 0-6s and other voters to drag you through mud.
  10. Early Namie was better than early Kuu, tho.

  11. I never really liked you.
  12. [​IMG]

    I'm ready. I actually only properly got into Namie when I joined this forum way back in like 2012 and there was a singles rate between her/Kuu/Utada/Ayumi, which made me become a full fledged stan, so I'm excited to actually get to participate in this one!

    I thought choosing an 11 would be easier with her earlier albums but I already see like 6 contenders so I THOUGHT WRONG!!!
  13. I'm just trying to figure out what to say for these tracks. I'm inept when it comes to commenting on music.
  14. Love 2000 coming for that perfect 1.00 average
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  15. Whet?
  16. My bad, I meant "that perfect 0.00 average"
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  17. You better start stanning LEAVIN' for LAS VEGAS or I'll be LEAVIN' for your LOCATION

  18. I've only really listened to some singles for Sweet 19 Blues - Genius 2000 before now. Lots of gems I've been missing out on. Concentration 20 is like the surprise masterpiece for me out of the 3.

    Also, is it just my headphones or do some backing choruses & instrumentals drown out/overshadow Namie on Genius 2000? The album is fun tho.
  19. I mostly only knew the singles from these albums but let me say I did NOT expect the songs around Taiyou no SEASON in the tracklist to punch this much

  20. Yes, Concentration 20 is my favourite Namie album!

    I'm ready to finally get into this after a busy period in work over January. I've only heard a handful of Super Monkeys songs so should be interesting hearing the rest of them. (I'll try and not be too harsh although I did enjoy the tracks on Finally)
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