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Natalia Kills Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RMK, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. @RainOnFire is sending me the results tonight, hopefully he's got the individual scores as well. Send them over to me just in case he doesn't, though. And I'd be over the Willy moon if you've got time to provide some commentary as well.
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  3. Oh no, I don't know if I have my scores saved somewhere.
  4. Have you deleted the original PM with @RMK?
  5. Yeah I guess so. I try to keep open rates in there, but I also like to try to only have one page of PMs, so I often 'tidy up'.
  6. Hopefully ms. Rain has the individual scores, if not I'm gonna give you the time to try to remember your scores and/or re-score them. I'm quite flexible.
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  7. Stuff like this is why I'm never organised in my life

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  8. I can't do it with PMs though. Something about trolling through pages of PMs gives me hives.
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  9. Sent my original scores to you @ufint
    Sorry about the lazy formatting where I just cut the songs that have already left.

    I had completely forgotten about this. Here for ha revival!
  10. Got the results and individual scores last night. Shit is going to get gaggy, because that top 10 is lit and totally unexpected. If any one else wants to participate (we already got one person submitting their scores!), let me know within the next 24 hours. If no one else is joining the party, I'm going to be throwing out a couple of eliminations in this weekend.
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  11. I think I’ll participate, though my fave was already eliminated (RIP Rabbit Hole). Just need a day to do it because I’m familiar with all the songs.
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  12. Rabbit Hole was indeed done very wrong. (As well as Acid Annie)
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  13. You might want to post that in the rate queue where people will actually see it.
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  14. Probably too late to add it, but we didn’t get to rate Natalia’s collab with Frankmusik, No Champagne!
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  15. I could do this for a kii (not exactly a fan of hers either but I'd like to be pleasantly surprised by some of these songs). I can only do it either tomorrow night or Sunday though.
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  16. What the hell? Where's @ufint? The rate curse is real.
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  17. Natalia Killed them huehue
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  18. ddd That's why I don't send commentary for rates that I have suspicions about the complete of.
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