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Natalia Kills Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RMK, Aug 26, 2017.

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    I've been waiting for a couple of ... Petty scores. And I haven't been home in a couple of weeks, but I will be home for a couple of days from Monday, so hoping to get
    of eliminations done then. Sorry for the delay, you guys, I just wanted as many people as possible to rate the rest of the songs because Natalia deserves better.

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  2. I'm sorry if I got snappy but it's PTSD from what happened to the t.A.T.u. rate, The Veronicas rate, Fast Food rate, Ultimate Popstars, and various other rates that took approximately 12 months longer than they should've or never got finished. I'm sure you'll take this one home in the end. I have faith!
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  3. Can I still send my scores?
  4. I mean, I've seen the absolutely tasteless and horrendous scores you've thrown out left and right in the Alt Pop Girls rate, especially to motherfucking QUEEN of all queens, Tove Lo, but as long as you show some class and maintain whatever is left of your dignity...

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  5. What is this made up narrative though, when I wasn't the lowest scorer for literally any other songs besides Disco Tits?
  6. I wasn't expecting so much of her music to sound like Gwen Stefani/No Doubt.
  7. I really hope Marlboro Lights wins!
  8. #24
    Average: 7.350
    Highest: 11x1
    (@Hurricane Drunk), 10x1 (@enjoy)
    Lowest: 1x1 (@soratami)

    Television and Natalia Kills are a really bad combination and should never happen ever again - I guess it was time for this to sashay away. I wish I understood what Natalia was going for melodically speaking, but I don't. This is a little all over the place and it lacks vision. Lyrically it's nice enough. However, forcing anyone to sit through six minutes of any song that's not top notch is too much to ask. Weslicious (9) don't mind it, oh at all, but "would have separated the intro for full marks."​
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  9. [​IMG]
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    Average: 7.400
    Highest: 10x1
    Lowest: 3x1 (@soratami)

    I'm usually totally here for crazy exes showing up at your door at five in the morning trying to get you back. I've been there myself a couple of times - maybe not all that crazy, but if I didn't have any boundaries and it was socially acceptable I could absolutely see myself doing a couple of the freaky things Natalia talks about. While this song is all good on paper, that's about the only good thing it's got going for it. The melody is weak as fuck and I daresay Natalia has never sounded worse. Her voice breaks several times and I do think it showcases her vocal limitations. Sorry bout it. Weslicious (9) asks "who doesn't love a good stalker anthem?" and I could ask the same thing. This ain't it, though - nothing anthemy about it whatsoever. ​
  11. Well, it's a bad song, and Natalia is, well, not exactly top tier pop girl material, what do you want me to say? Not to mention the song eliminated two spots ago also got a 0.

    You do have my ballot, you know it's fair and I only gave two songs bad scores.
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    Average: 7.500
    Highest: 10x3
    (@ufint, @RMK, @Rooneyboy)
    Lowest: 2x1 (@soratami)

    Occasional wig snatcher Natalia Kills is going in for the kill with this one, and y'all did this so dirty. This should have been top 10 and I won't hear otherwise. Where has this been all my life? It's such a wonderful new discovery. Natalia has some absolutely heavenly notes here that I haven't heard in any of her own songs. The production is so much fun and you best believe that I'll be blasting this at a party real, real soon. Pecans (9) is impressed: "Natalia sounds really good on this kind of dance music – a little dance EP or album in between Perfectionist and Trouble would have been such a treat." That's actually a brilliant idea! Rooneyboy (10) thinks this is "easily her best collaboration, superb" and no lies were told. On the other end of the scale, we find negative Nancy soratami (2): "Her verses sound good but that drop is absolutely terrible"... ouch.

  13. Eaux, I forgot about that one. Make it three bad scores ddd. They're all gone now, so this is going swimmingly so far.
  14. I didn't ask for this to be re-started or that elimination. I stan Psycho-Natalia so much.
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    Average: 7.550
    Highest: 10x1
    Lowest: 5x2 (@soratami, @Hurricane Drunk)

    All the songs on the 'Trouble' album are falling like domin-hoes. It's what she deserves, really, because compared to 'Perfectionist' this is such a step down, both lyrically and melodically for Natalia. Her sophomore album is kind of a non-event, with only a couple of hidden gems. This is a semi-gem, because this has such an event of a chorus, on an album that is seriously lacking in that department. I don't mind the dash of Gwen Stefani/No Doubt that soratami talked about earlier, and I think this is one of the songs that truly is inspired by that gorgeous Ms. Stefani, who is turning fucking 50 next year. Can you believe it girls? Vanilla don't crack either apparently.

    I'm not the only one to notice it, because Rooneyboy (8,5) says it's "very Gwen Stefani, in a good way." Pecans (10) thinks "the spoken word, 'Never, officer!' is just brilliant." and even though I don't necessarily agree, I think it's good that you got your life while this song was dying. Weslicious (9) has some very special ears that hears something that no one else can hear - you go, Glen Coco! He thinks it's "unintentionally Christmassy". You do you, and a very Happy New Year, too!​
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  16. These shouldn't be going until all of her non-Natalia moments disappear.
  17. Not when Cruel Youth is probably her best "era".
  18. Not by a long shot. I only did this rate because of how much I love Perfectionist and Trouble.
  19. TOP 20


    Don't Play Nice


    Kill My Boyfriend
    Break You Hard
    Love Is A Suicide
    Not In Love
    Nothing Lasts Forever
    If I Was God


    Stop Me
    Saturday Night
    Devils Don't Fly
    Outta Time
    Marlboro Lights

    Cruel Youth

    Alexis Texas
  20. This for top 10 11 please:

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