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Natalie Imbruglia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BlaBlaGuy, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Literally the only thing at the merchandise table is a small stack of Henrik CDs. And it's just the one album, which Spotify tells me is from 2008.

    It's the Union Chapel. There's always tea and biscuits.
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  2. How does it work? Do you just grab a seat anywhere or get told where to go?
  3. Just grab a seat anywhere (as long as it's not reserved - most of the centre section in the front is reserved).
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  4. Do you know if she hangs around after to meet fans or not?
  5. I didn't see any sign of her coming out to meet fans yesterday.
  6. LP


    That's a shame about the lack of Merch. A T-shirt wouldn't go amiss !
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  7. Was it the same setlist as what she's being doing?
  8. She was so good tonight and I loved the Union Chapel venue. Setlist was great too.
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  9. Such a good venue for her. Her voice sounds brilliant!

    I loved her little intros to the songs. My favourite bit was when she introduced That Day and said, "You can sing along if you like. Good luck!"
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  10. Sad fact; I do know all the words but I didn't sing along! I liked how she said about That Day being just a stream of consciousness and she thought Patrick Leonard would just use bits of it but he said it should be an actual song.
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  11. What was the set list?
  12. It's weird she had Meet & Greet tickets for the Simply Red tour she was just the support act for and didn't do any for her solo tour. Either people were cuntz and she had a rethink or it's safety reasons.
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  14. She was so good last night. Such a lovely intimate gig. Her voice sounded incredible, and finally hearing Butterflies live was the highlight for me.

    It was quite an old audience in London. I was surprised at the number of 50-something men there!
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  15. Saw her last night in Manchester and I wasn't disappointed at all. She sang all the songs I wanted her to sing (I'd have loved her to do 'Want' as well, but hey). And boy, she is stunningly beautiful.
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  16. I think it was a great set list.
    In an ideal world I'd have had Identify in there but... other than that I think she catered to everyone.
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  17. I was listening to White Lilies Island yesterday in my Sunday gloom, and felt inspired to order the Elvis shirt she wears on the cover. I'm so excited to recreate the cover, but maybe a white jockstrap instead of a white skirt?
  18. Please tweet it to her.
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  19. Yeah, great gig, albeit BOILING HOT.

    Want would've been welcome and Identify too @spillett
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  20. Oh God yeah it was a sweatbox! The only other difference I would have made was to swap around 'Torn' and 'Big mistake', but yeah, otherwise, perfect.
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