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Natalie Imbruglia

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BlaBlaGuy, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Ending on Torn would have been too obvious. Big Mistake was a good closer.
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  2. I was there last night and really enjoyed it (bar it being hotter than satans arsehole) she put on a great show. hopefully this is all leading to a new album of original material.
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  3. I'm so glad she is performing That Day. Ive always loved it but thought the general public pretty much hated it upon release.
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  4. It's a good song, but not the strongest on White Lille Island, and also very hard to do on Karaoke!
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  5. I'm surprised she didn't do Wishing I Was There - it's one of her best. Perhaps she felt it didn't suit an acoustic setting.
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  6. I'm currently listening to Come To Life and it's such an underrated album. I love everything about it (maybe with the exception of WYUT). Fun has the most amazing and sad lyrics. And why wasn't Lukas a single? Twenty and Scars are beautiful too.
  7. Come to Life would make a perfect extended EP made up of the first six tracks and "Wild About It."
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  8. And 'All The Roses' would just not exist? No.
  9. Bonus cut, ms. lloyd!
  10. My least favourite from that album. Sorry.
  11. The fact that Wild About It was considered a contender as a single in an album that had Scars, Fun and Lukas on it still baffles me to this day. It was a "buzz" single and all, but it really must have killed more buzz than it ever generated.
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  12. LP


    The Dublin gig on Monday night was so lush. She was beautiful and had great stage persona. I loved the intimate 'set' and the tunes came across really well. That Day was probably the highlight for me with Smoke.
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  13. Oh I love it though and the video!
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  14. I was asked to be in that video but was on holiday. Was so gutted as I'm a huge fan. I love Wild About It, and it has the right sort of tone for a buzz single, but Want was another That Day. Brilliant but not what people expect from Natalie. It's such a shame she had the biggest radio hit of the year with Shiver then nothing. I still love Come to Life. It's a great counterpart to Counting Down the Days.
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  15. Perhaps Want as the lead single was a risk. The equivalent of her releasing Impressed as the lead from Left of the Middle maybe?
  16. Come to life Want is perfect. However I would have chosen maybe Lukas or Twenty as the first single.

    Lukas would have had the "coldplay" thing attached and twenty is just sublime.
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  17. "Want" is still such a left-field* single to smack us in the face with. The video is so simple but so effective. Poor Natalie crying makes me sad!

    *left of the middle heh
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  18. I wish she would Officially release a B side album, and put it on Spotify or Itunes I would lap that up so quick.
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  19. I've made my own and it's pretty fantastic!
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  20. Me too! 2 CDs worth of more quality music. She really is fantastic a B-sides artist.
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