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Neighbours Become Good Rates: The Neighbours Girls Rate ELIMINATIONS

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Island, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Is she lipsyncing there?

    Stephanie McIntosh should have tried that.
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  2. She's mostly live. The playback is drowning her out in the chorus.
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  3. Footprints isn't that bad. The three singles are obviously the high points, but they're very high. There are a few other cute bops, too.
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  4. OH MY GOD another rate I had no idea was happening. I really ought to check the sub-forum out more often. I literally stan all four albums.
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  6. Wow, Delta's album is... well, I won't say it's terrible, but it's definitely not a type of music I like, and it was quite a slog to go through.
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  7. Yeah, it wasn't as good as I remembered it being like 10 years ago. It still got my highest album average of the rate (barely).

    I really only use two or three songs from it these days.
  8. I do get the idea people here praised one of her later albums a lot though. It's a shame we're rating the debuts, rather than the best albums.
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  9. Mistaken Identity was one of my top 10 albums in @DJHazey 's Albumjustice!

    It would probably receive an 8.0+ average from me in a rate... which for me, is exceedingly rare.
  10. Natalie Bassingthwaigthe's album is quite good. It's a strange listen though, the first few tracks are pretty underwhelming but then it really gets going around the middle, basically when the pop rock ends and the more dance-y songs start. Could You Be Loved is my favorite discovery of the rate so far.
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  11. All of her albums have the same singer-songwriter/adult contemporary DNA in them, so I don't know how much less of a slog they'd be for you. They are better albums though, except for maybe Delta and having any of them in this would really widen the gap between her and her 'competitors' in this rate. Innocent Eyes kind of puts her more on a level playing field in some ways.
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  12. I'd still bet we're pretty likely to see an all-Delta top 3 or top 5 though!
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  13. Nothing wrong with that for me, but the debut is incredibly sappy, saccharine and beige. I'm sure she improved with time though.
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  14. That's how I find her later stuff too (sorry @DJHazey!). If I recall correctly, I got into Delta's music around the time Mistaken Identity was released, and I think part of the reason I found it so compelling then and now was that it seemed to be a genuine channeling through a very difficult life event. Who knows how much of that was Delta and how much was her production team, but it still made a very strong platform. I don't think she had that platform before or has really channeled it since.
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  15. My averages (still might change some scores a bit)

    Innocent Eyes - 5.0
    Footprints - 6.43
    Tightrope - 5.79
    1000 Stars - 7.4

    Unfortunately all the albums except Natalie's are very filler-y. They all have some great heights though (but generally not all that many).
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  16. I'm really struggling with the Delta album..... like it's boring me to death except a few highlights/singles. Reminds me why I never got into her music.
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  17. Glad I'm not going to be the rate villain for once!

    (P.S. a Natalie Bassingwaigthe song was the runner-up for my 11.)
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  18. I don't think I wasn't all that harsh even, the lowest score I gave was a single 2.
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  19. @DJHazey do you stan this? I listened and automatically thought it might be a song you love.
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  20. All of her music is new to me, this sounds great too.
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