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Neighbours Become Good Rates: The Neighbours Girls Rate ELIMINATIONS

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Island, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Queen McIntosh did a #flashbackfriday to shooting of the So Do I Say Sorry First video.

    Also, this is cute:
  2. So that is her excuse for this?

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  3. That wasn't as terrible as I was expecting.
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  4. I love that P!nk story. I may not be the biggest fan of her music but that's not the only story that highlights how great of a person she is. Back when I was playing Xbox 360, I started playing a poker game with someone and we became pretty good friends. She would always just send text private messages back n forth through the game which I figured was normal because she may not have a headset, well eventually she told me it was because she was mute. We compared our favorite singers and hers was P!nk without question. So I asked what made her so special and she told me about how she went to one of her concert's and that P!nk met some of her fans after the show including this person. P!nk said something to her like "did you enjoy the show?" or similar and of course my friend couldn't say anything back and instead just started to look anxious and then like she was going to cry. So P!nk smiled, came over, gave her hug, whispered that she understood and then did the universal sign for love aka a heart symbol. That story always stayed with me.
  5. A few thoughts of mine while scoring these:
    - Why the fuck did Delta ever release those songs as the singles off the album... They"re kinda given a considerable score because I know them by heart, but after relistening I found the bops are all album tracks and songs that have unconciously stuck with me for longer all this time than say Lost Without You and Not Me Not I...
    - Holly Valance has dem bops actually, so please, do NOT complain about her album being all that bad... I will admit however that she sounds fucking awful in places and that that record deal was a fucking miracle to happen in the first place.
    - Natalie Bassingthwaighte's album ain't all that bad actually, but I've listened to it about 15 times in preparation for this rate and I couldn't sing one song that's on it...
    - And how much did Stephanie McIntosh's producers actually have to use some kind of effects on her vocals to make her sound good? That post above is cute and all, but she's never sounded good live EVER, so that one time at bandcamp ain't really an excuse innit?
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  6. Can we all appreciate how beyond gorgeous Stephanie McIntosh looks these days. She looks incredible. Better than her Neighbours and "popstar" days.
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  7. I'm torn.

    On the one hand I could spam Natalie with 10's (and an 11 to 1000 Stars, of course) and give good scores to the few great songs on Holly's album (some of them underrated). On the other hand - I'd have to listen to Delta Mediocrem and the rest of the Holly album.

    Choices, choices.

    P.S. Poor Kylie and Natalie Imbroglio.
  8. Bops? In the Delta album?

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  9. Yes. Low-key swayful bops, so take a seat, henny.
  10. I'm extending until Monday actually since that's when my last Final is due and I'll be ready to start by then.
  11. College kids....
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  12. I have other shit this week that's due Saturday!
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  13. This rate is such a throwback for me. Steph's album was one of my quintessential college albums....

    Also, I miss the part of college where if you hated a class, once it was over, you never had to see that professor or deal with that material ever again. (Bye, epistemology, heuristics, and whatever English theory classes I had to take for my major.)
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  14. One of my majors is really small and only has three professors and I have the same professor for two classes this semester... and she's probably the hardest professor I've had with the big workload that we're given.

    Next semester, in my other major, I have back to back classes with the same professor (different from the one talked about above). I've never had her before so I'm kind of nervous.
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  15. My apologies! I don't think I ever took more than 2 classes with the same professor in college (mostly by choice, nn).

    Now I'm wondering what your majors are...
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  16. My college is pretty small so there's a good chance you'll have the same professor in whatever track you take.
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  17. "Superhuman" is just an alright song for me until that post-chorus set of "I'm Alive" literally delivers me to heaven.
  18. It's been so long since I voted I'm actually gonna have forgotten how 90% of these songs go by the time the reveals start.
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  19. All four albums are amazing. Genuinely love each one, but Delta's is probably my least fav, even though she is my fav of the ladies.
  20. If this was Mistaken Identity, Child of the Universe, or Wings of the Wild then Delta would tower over the other three.