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Neighbours - the return of Izzy (and Andrea the Scammer)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Did Aaron and the Tanaka guy fuck yet?
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  2. Has Queen T scalped anyone recently?
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  3. No, I still think David can do better.. he seems like one of those nice boys you'd take home to meet your mum. Maybe it's because I'm missing Ned but I'm low key here for Leo on the odd occasion...

    Also no, she's a bit like synth Terese since she got with Gary (still Queen of course)
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  4. I loved Kate to be honest. Mark needs to go and fall down the well.
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  5. I'd let Leo.
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  6. I'd still thirstily gasp over Tyler even if he is sleeping with that wretched "Pipahhhhh".

    And Gary and Queen T? NO.
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  7. Terese and Paul are the real power couple, as long as they don't marry. His wives never stick around for long.
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  8. I can't at Toadie turning into a snivelling shell asking for everyone and their cat to get Sonya to take him back. Susan's response was priceless

    More drunk Sheila sending inappropriate messages and less of Gary in a vest
  9. I was Team Sonya at first but the way everyone is treating Toadie since he got back has me feeling sorry for him. He's not slept properly in what must feel like forever. Not only is he hugely jetlagged, he's suffered huge emotional trauma with realising he'd been cruelly duped and ripped off, and he'd lost his first true love Dee Bliss all over again. Yes, he cheated and shouldn't have done, but these were exceptional and extreme circumstances, and in his vulnerable state he thought his wife was in bed with another man.

    I blame Mark. And Nell.

    In other news, I love that drunk Sheila is basically Patsy Stone.
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  10. I blame Mark too but Nell? That was a stonkingly awesome plot device.. the little devil child
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  11. Oh I love Nell, and I usually hate soap kids, but I like the idea that she engineered it all and is secretly an evil genius.
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  12. I loved her general indifference to Toadie moving into the Kennedy's... queen in the making
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  13. I'm calling it now.. Paul is the Tanaka's dad!! Bookmark me etc...

    Their mother sounded like something out of Kath and Kim but she's suddenly shifty about Amy and didn't want to look at Paul when he appeared in the bar

    I haven't watched today's episode yet so please discard the above comments if the actual identity has been revealed
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  14. Can Julie Quill come back please and fire grenades at Harold's while scheming with Leo.
  15. Whilst of course serving white power suit realness
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  16. Hopefully she could actually kill Jack and Paige so they can burn in hell together.
  17. I hope there's another eclipse soon so Mark fucks off.
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  18. Scotty will probably go on paternity leave in 7 months so hopefully he decides to leave for good....

  19. I'd quite like him to join Home and Away. I can't stand the character but the actor is pretty.
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  20. Urgh they're getting a lot of time out of that awful red flowery shirt of Ben's (I kind of loved the zoom in on his lips)

    Toadie and Sonya continue to be great viewing.. in convinced Mark is just stalking her he's like everywhere she is

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