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Neighbours - the return of Izzy (and Andrea the Scammer)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. When is Queen Lauren and that other dude's send off?
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  2. Not soon enough

    "Let's show Mark"
    God I love Nell stirring it
  3. I swear Mark has gone three shades darker in the past few days. I guess he's been grieving by sunbathing.
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  4. [​IMG]

    If looks could kill.

    YES QUEEN T. Eviscerate ha!
  5. Is that the Canning house? I know they've been talking about how the kitchen's been getting a reno, but that's a pretty big makeover!
  6. I hope this signals the return of Evisceration Terese. I miss her bellowing and hissing at people at the drop of a hat.
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  7. So Paul is their dad..

    Did Amy and Leo fuck?
    Oh Xanthe's mom's back?

    I should start watching again. I probably won't after hearing about Andrea.
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  8. I hope Lauren and Brad split up off screen on a few years time and she comes back with a hot young boy toy (Ned).

    I miss Ned so much. He's so fucking hot.
  9. The transformation of the Canning house was the highlight of the week in Neighbours - only in Neighbours can such an elaborate change to all rooms of the house be done with one sleep.
  10. And have us believe Amy of all people did it
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  11. How did she manage to renovate the house when she was off down the coast rooting her brother?
  12. I'd forgotten this little gem. That woman is just so talented that she can do it all.

    I did notice that they now have stylish gnomes (an oxymoron if I've ever heard one but they aren't the usual sort) in the living room though which I thought was a nice touch for Sheila.
  13. Queen of carpentry. Queen of home improvement. When will Tim Allen?
  14. I still have this feeling Brad and Lauren aren't really leaving. My money is on them coming back when Paige has effects of that 'special' tea

    More Sheila and Terese arguing over Gary, it shouldn't work but it has me entertained
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  15. I miss Naomi.
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  16. Paige is probably leaving in six months, right?

    I doubt Olympia is gonna extend her contract again.
  17. I wouldn't given that Paige is now completely and utterly unbearable.
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  18. Hasn't Olympia admitted to not really liking Paige's storyline?
  19. She said at some point last year that she hated the way Paige had become obsessed with Jack instead of grieving for Josh and "Pop".
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