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Neighbours - the return of Izzy (and Andrea the Scammer)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. At least she's not grieving the Mark Brennan way, his mooching around Sonya is weird

    I was trying to explain to my boyfriend that despite what we both thought about Brad and Lauren "out of the credits" means they really have gone!

    I literally can it wait for Xanthe to become a nurse, I wish there was some sort of super fast fast track
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  2. To neighbours

    Please stop dressing Ben in the ugliest shirts you can find. More overalls please

    Many thanks
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  3. I can think of better options.
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  4. I look forward to you starting as the new executive producer
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    Also, they should run Jack out of town.
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  6. Agreed. I wouldn't miss him...

    David's 'I'm gay' was too adorable, I loved Leo's reaction too. Great ending to Friday's episode
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  7. David's coming out was so cute and he really is a cutie.

    I'm not here for Sonya and Mark but they really do fit that generic couple thing down to a T.
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  8. Ben's moody pout when Finn was trying to teach him.. I yearned.

    Once again the best stuff over the past few days has revolved around Toadie/Sonya/Mark and Steph. Queen T calling Sonya an inspiration despite her truly falling off the wagon was heartbreaking to watch

    More Tyler fresh from the pool please
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  9. I've been more on board for David and his brother since it was revealed that Paul is their father. I couldn't have cared less for that storyline until it had that resolution.
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  10. David gets cuter with every passing episode. I haven't rooted for a character like this since John Paul on Hollyoaks
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  11. So Sonya's drinking again?
  12. It's amazing that it's taken this long for Sonya to relapse given she's had to put with murderous bouncy castles and all manner of crises on Ramsey Street.

    Dame Kym Valentine serving for the gawds:
  13. Another fake Dee Bliss spotted on ITV:
  14. I still miss Libby

    Boy how smug did I look yesterday watching with my boyfriend going "the girl in the new family looks about Jimmy's age, and the other one looks about Xanthe and Piper's age' and voila today they're fast friends

    I don't get out much...
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  15. Mavournee's Logie's dress was really weird. It's an ugly dress but like she looks amazing in it.
  16. I thought she looked okay, but maybe that's because I couldn't see anything other than Olympia Valance's giant red headband
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  17. Lilly looked amazing. Queen.

    I was stalking the cast's instagrams and Jodi, Matt Wilson, and Tim Kano went on vacation together. Goals.

    Bring back Ned so he can break into his old house and swim in the pool of lust so that Dipi goes all Lauren for him.
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  18. I know Neighbours has never had the most realistic portrayal of teenagers, but I absolutely howled when Ben and Xanthe excitedly rushed into the cafe to declare they were going to throw a frisbee by the lake.

    Because all 16 years spend their free time playing frisbee.
  19. Wasn't it nice of the Brennan's to stand around shirtless in their kitchen discussing things? I enjoyed shirtless Finn too who admittedly looks a bit more 'real' than either Mark or Tyler.. he's still super creepy though, I'm glad Susan looks to be on to him

    David can already do better than Aaron
  20. I cackled so hard at Toadie agreeing with me and telling Aaron he no idea what his 'business' even did and that it sucks.

    David's awkward flirting was super cute

    More Ben looking pouty and concerned for Tyler please, less 'T-Bone' and Finn