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Neighbours - the return of Izzy (and Andrea the Scammer)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. I want a blonde Dionne Bliss, a brunette Dionne Bliss, and a redhead Dionne Bliss. All at eachother's throats in various outrageously bitchy ways before they join forces in some kind of witchy alliance.

    Don't fail me now, Neighbours writers. Pick up that crack pipe and get to work on those scripts.
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  2. Same. Izzy was a queen. Didn't even know this was happening, which shows how little Australia cares for Neighbours these days.
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  3. Please bring Sarah back as an unannounced arrival just so Susan can get a heart attack.
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  4. The Tuesday episode was one of my favourite episodes in such a long time. It was so much stronger than the special with a script that was so on point. Izzy killing off her 89 year old husband through sex being a highlight. The Queen is back.
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  5. My goodness Ryan Grimshaw is awful wooden. I’m guessing he was going for ‘mysterious’ but, welll... it didn’t work

    I forgot just how amazing the chemistry is between Karl, Susan and Izzy is. Never leave again my scheming Queen
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  6. Oh my! Dame Lauren, everybody's favourite low key tart is returning for a guest stint. Here is hoping that it's more than just a flying visit and she finds the time to lurk by the Lassiters bins to perv on somebody new.

    Now we just need Naomi to reappear. I still miss her!
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  7. Screaming at the end of the camping episode. Probably Mark's greatest moment.
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  8. I enjoyed today’s episode mostly for the fact we had a resolution to Paige and Jack sleeping together. These things usually take weeks to come out so it’s nice to see it all boxed off

    I wouldn’t mind Jack leaving with Paige a la Daniel Robinson, he’s always been a one dimensional character and now I guess he cheats on his girlfriends despite never having one until about a year ago