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Neighbours - unmissable drama

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Dec 16, 2011.


    Now she's nearly as rich as Madeleine West in real life.
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  2. This is a lot of police.
  3. OHH they're wearing wigs and hats to make it easier for the stunt people to resemble them...
  4. I'm not sure they'd send out a police helicopter for a school girl and someone whose weapon of choice is garden gnomes.
  5. What an hour! I'm a bit disappointed that they spoilt so much of it with the trailer but overall that was a fantastic - extended - edition of Neighbours.
  6. Shout out to Channel 5 for showing Neighbours in the slot usually reserved for such gems as "Help! My Tits Are Online Trolls On Benefits"
  7. It needed more Izzy. Less Ryan? Thomas, girl and guy with baby and Piper.

    How many children does Paul have these days?
  8. I hope piper falls...

    Great episode, brilliant concept with the 90’s themed birthday party (Lance is still rather cute)

    I agree it could have done with less or even none of Jason Grimshaw (and Jack and Paige) but didn’t Izzy just more than make up for it! I love a good flashback to earlier episodes too, especially when it’s Izzy and Susan’s rivalry at its peak

    Really good set up of things to come, thanks also to the writers for giving me shirtless Ben in today’s earlier episode
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  9. Ps I love the same wavelength I am on with you guys here re Piper’s ‘disguise’ being a wig a few shades darker than her own hair
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  10. Also former policeman Stu has aged badly.
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  11. I loved Susan's 480p flashbacks.
  12. Ok I'm so perched to watch this. Hope I'm able to find it tomorrow.
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  13. If the UK version isn't uploaded to Dailymotion the Aus version will be, which has Tuesday's episode tacked onto the end of it.
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  14. So are Channel 5 actually the same day as Australia for Neighbours these days?
  15. BTG


    Yeah it's been in sync for a while now. We've come a long way.

    The Australian version won't have that great 90's soundtrack either I imagine.
  16. I have one more question (for now). How old is Holly supposed to be? As I swear she was born in 2007 or 2008. She looks closer to 15. Rapid soap aging striking again.

    I may have to get back into neighbours for Izzy’s duration.
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  17. She’ll be about Jimmy’s age. That’s how these things usually work
  18. Holly was born in 2007.

    I agree with you all about Piper’s poor choice of wig. I’m so happy to see Izzy again and I loved the flashbacks. Now, I just need to know who left her £41 million. I already wish Jason Grimshaw would piss off. I’m guessing he’s the latest Villian of the Month. Overall, I enjoyed the episode but I’m disappointed it was Andrea in the taxi.
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  19. Or was it really Dee and Syndi knows it was her so she is going to convince everyone that it’s Andrea so they shun her. So Andrea can steal her life.

    I feel like that’s crazy enough to be logic in this show. At least it was in 2007/8.
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  20. BTG


    You knew it was Andrea in the taxi because of the poker straight hair.

    Now this is Dee:


    They made such a point to differentiate them in terms of styling and hair. All the better for when they have a ridiculous face off.