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Nelly Furtado - The Ride (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Ok. Everyone but one person.
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  2. Say It Right is still absolutely brilliant.
  3. I can't stop listening to this album at the moment. 'Live' and 'Magic' are really resonating with me.

    It doesn't surprise me that she was going through a difficult time whilst recording it. All her previous albums have had a certain zest and vibrancy which isn't present here which makes it all the more interesting for me. In a lot of ways, the production is quite similar to her past projects but her writing and delivery is vastly different.

    It has a lovely forlorn feeling wrapped up in quite powerful production. Reading interviews with her recently, she speaks of 'allowing herself to fall apart' which makes this project quite interesting when you listen back at her past writing where she has presented herself as a more formidable character.
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  4. Make that two. I agree that the album had its flaws (too lengthy, sometimes cheap-sounding production, grating vocals here and there), but there was a lot to like too.

    I have been revisiting all her albums during the past few days and I think I'm one of the rare fans who appreciates all her albums, all for different reasons. 'The Ride' is no exception. I could listen to "Pipe Dreams" on repeat for days.
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  5. Make that three. I didn't like Spirit Indestructable at all and now I'm kind of indifferent to this one although mildly leaning over to the don't like it side.
  6. I've been revisiting her albums too which has been so enjoyable.

    The Spirit Indestructible is a tricky one. There are some really fun songs and I appreciated her throwing back to some of her world music influences. Where it fails for me is that it feels like she was trying to please the various demographics she'd naturally appealed to with Loose. 'Be Ok' is such a lovely song but it was by a Canadian artist who supported by making his song a duet and shoved it on her album.
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  7. I really liked Nelly when she started with "I'm like a bird", but when I really became a huge fan was after listening to "try" and then having this amazing video by Sophie Muller... That song, in my opinion, is the best she has ever done. Of course with Loose she made a great album full of amazing tracks too.. but yeah.. then Mi plan kind of ruins everything and then Spirit Indestructible does sound cheap... But I really like "Don't leave me", it has potential, even if the production is really simple. I think her recent music sounds more synthetic, and less real.

    I'm still discovering "The Ride" but not really feeling it. It sounds cheap to my ears too.

  8. She's so lovely!
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  9. I really like the album, but hate the artwork. The CD doesn't even have the tracklist printed at the back...
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  10. Cold Hard Truth is a bop to end all bops. Loved Live as well, but definitely wanted to like the album more than I actually did.
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    2014 Moderator

    Sorry if this had already been shared but I loved reading this article about Nelly and Timbaland's relationship and Loose. She seems so fun and good spirited, I think she's definitely one of the most underrated artists, it's kinda crazy she started out 17 years ago!
  12. I'm currently obsessed with "Phoenix". It's so delicate and dreamy.
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  13. Cold Hard Truth
    Carnival Games
    Pipe Dreams
    Tap Dancing
    Right Road

    are my favorites. The latter album half is almost flawless.
  14. It's still incredible to me how she has no inbuilt fan base. I mean she was having no 1 hits in the US 11 years ago and now her album can't even get into the top 200. The whole pop thing is a funny game...
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  15. Great article, I loved reading her take on that era and I had no idea she fell out with Timbaland afterwards. Thanks for sharing!
  16. When Nelly began, she had this unique essence in her music and image. She showed her Portuguese heritage and also looked like someone from India. It was totally new, and she kept that essence in "Folklore" and still a bit in "Loose", that mixing it with sensuality and Timbaland, made a huge success...

    After "Loose", I'm not seeing that Nelly anymore. I just saw a Latina wannabe and then this musical mess with Rodney Jenkins producing it. And now this record that still has good catchy pop songs, but just pretty average for me, nothing extraordinary or unique. Nelly lost her essence in my opinion. And if you also count that she was releasing a new album each 3 years.. and now, as independent, took 5 .. Is like Dido.. you get bored of waiting for new music.
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  17. I don't listen to Nelly much between albums, but when one arrives it soothes my soul.

    I wish she would tour more.
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  18. For whatever reason I hated the Spirit tour. I've seen her live quite a few times and it was always great but with the Spirit tour it felt like something was missing. I interviewed her shortly before the release of the album and she was so passionate about it but the spark wasn't there a few weeks later live on stage in Berlin.
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  19. "Cold Hard Truth" is pretty great.