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Neon Jungle - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Voicething, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Badman still is a Halleluuuu track for me! I could be depressed, pissed, with low butt cheeks steem or whatevs, but when I play that track I am ready to go!! That should had been a single instead of Can't Stop the Love. They could had easily recover momentum and bring back the attitude that made them stand out.
    Can't Stop the Love felt like they were saying goodbye at the very first moment they announced it as a single!
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  3. Watched "The Shallows" over the weekend (the Blake Lively shark movie, which was quite good), and Trouble was used for an extended surfing scene. Very surprising, but as soon as the instrumental started, I knew it was coming. I couldn't help tap my foot along (and wish I could sing along...). Still love Neon Jungle's material, and wish there was more.

    The only other song used was Sia's Bird Set Free at the end, if anyone cares.
  4. Jess looks beautiful! I really wish they would have stayed together after being dropped, they had something special
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  5. Remember when Asami said her covers trilogy was "just a taste" of things to come? Where is the Asami solo album, please, I need it to live....
  6. Jess' baby is adorable. Congrats to her! Any word on Asami, Shereen and Amira plans?

    I just fell into their Vevo page watching all their videos, and it made me so sad for them. They should have gotten a shot at a second album at the very least. Still the most exciting Western girl band in the last several years for me.
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  7. Asami needs to release solo music.
  8. They are my favourite girl group, I need them back!
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  9. According to her Twiiter, she's made songs and is working on more. Goodness knows if we'll ever get them though.

    I just love Asami so much for some reason.
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  10. They came up on my Tumblr dash, and I was reminded just how much I miss them. I hope at least Asami will do something musical in the next few years.
  11. Sheeren's got a new song up with her new band which is made upon her sibblings.
    Whatchu think?
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    It's cute - it reminds me of Summer Fling

  13. Every time this thread updates I'm like "Has the day finally come??? Has Asami finally announced her long-promised solo material?"

    And nope.
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  14. Such a shame, her voice is gorgeous.
  15. Shereen is on the X Factor!!!
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  16. Shereen was always the strongest singer in the group imo so I hope she does well on X Factor . I hope they listen to the judges though and make her more the lead though .
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  17. What a beautiful, talented family.
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  18. I've always loved Shereen but I didn't like that performance. They changed it up too much for my liking. But they're really good though. I want NJ to come baaack.
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    I hope they do really well!
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