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New to K-Pop?

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by xoxo, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. SHINee.
  2. I couldn't say. Pretty much every group that has released a monster game-changing K-Classic has also released duds. Basically every group has their own plusses and minuses.
  3. I'd say SHINee; they have most continued to release decent quality songs throughout their career. Very few duds, and even the duds are good.

    Brown Eyed Girls come close too, though.
  4. I.B.I
  5. Don't you mean I.B.S?
  6. No.
  7. T-ara, of course. Discography full of bawps and classics (ignore the last two releases).
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  8. It's clearly f(x).
  9. Agreed. Consistent bops, actual good albums with minimal filler and they're just generally cool.
  10. Can someone add "nugu" to the glossary on the first page? I had to Google what it meant after I saw it wasn't in that list.

    Not sure if I understand it correctly but would G.Na be considered a nugu female singer now? I think she is.
  11. isn't.......anything anymore...after the prostitution scandal. Sad to say.
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  12. What happened to is very very sad and disgusting but her music wasn't very good at all.
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  13. I did enjoy Banana and I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better, but her music was....not great for the most part. I feel so bad for her though and her career going the way it has.
  14. Is that Chamsonyeo group that she is / was in a real girl group or a parody?
  15. Pocket Girls.
  16. WHAT.
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  17. The correct answer is the queens of summer, Sistar, if you're still curious.
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  18. Maybe four years ago...
  19. Especially nobody said Girls' Generation. I'm coming for y'all.

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  20. GG are the most iconic one. Let their flop faves have some titles , hehe.
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