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Now That's What I Call PJOPS 31 - WINNER REVEALED (results start on page 13!)]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by rawkey, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. I'd be down for this theme. Although if you're worried about it being too narrow or turning off participants, you could always just make it a little bit broader like Duets and Group Acts..etc. Anyway congrats again on your awesome win and I can't wait to participate in your hosting round!
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  2. If it was to be a duets round, would songs with notable additional vocalist count (if they weren't really referred to in the artist/title? Or bands where two vocalists sing on the same song?
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  3. Heyyyy, maybe duos and trios because PJOPS 32?
  4. Ray



    *submits Erasure's cover of "Take A Chance On Me"*
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  5. Yes, that was the idea. So to my mind, Barbie Girl by Aqua or Rhythm Is A Dancer by Snap! would count as a duet because there's a clear male vocal and a clear female vocal (although obviously multiple male vocals or multiple female vocals would work too). I'd be willing to even count songs by bands where there are only two soloists (e.g. This I Promise You by 'N Sync) if people are fine with that.

    Excellent idea!
  6. White shirtless men singing material written by ABBA is PJOPS kryptonite.
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  7. Duets sounds like a good theme. Guess I'll have to sit the next one out though for being a naughty non voter.
  8. Oh, we're not so cruel about this like the main contest. Halving the points is punishment enough.
  9. We can't leave a groovy cat out in the rain all night.
  10. No one gets out alive left behind!
  11. Don't sit the next one out! Just remember to vote this time.

    @WowWowWowWow, could you please update the PJOPS Vault thread when you get a moment?
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  12. So there's no pjops naughty step....ok then, I'll regroup and come back with summat splendifferous.
  13. I think @invertedbutterfly took that over and updates it from time to time.
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  14. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    Indeed. I haven't actually updated it with the last contest yet, so I'll do them both done as soon as I can get past some deadlines (so, it'll be the end of next week, but I promise I will get around to it).

    EDIT - I was going to silently edit 'do them both done' but it's so indicative of my state of mind, I'll leave it in so you'll have pity on me and not mind my tardiness.
  15. I'd rather pretend OPS31 didn't happen, m'kay.
  16. Yeah roll on the next one haha, I made a complete hash of 31.
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  17. My very first PJOPS entry was "Oh L'Amour" - what with its mighty #85 chart placing it couldn't be vetoed right?

    Wrong. Erasure are too popular, according to the gods of veto. I'd probably struggle with a duets/duos themed round.
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  18. I have a few options in mind but pretty sure all would be vetoed due to at least one of the performers being quite popular... What are the rules around as underrated and lost track from a popular act's extensive collection, à la Spiral by the Sugababes?
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  19. Sugababes are just too big a deal on PJ to be allowed anywhere near the OPS. Even a B-side acoustic demo in 64kps.

    You get multiple chances with the Veto panel, so you never know if the choice you submit meets the magic hidden formula that has them say "aye". Fairly well-known act with obscure song is always better than fairly-obscure act with well-known song.
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  20. Instantly thinks of ideal tune for next round with high veto potential...
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