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Once Upon a Time

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. The series season premiere had some great bits, but definitely some awful ones. I'd say new Henry, Cinderella, and Lucy are all great additions, but I'm not sold on the actress who plays Lady Tremaine and her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills face.

    The scene where Henry tells Lucy that his family died in a fire was awful.
  2. I enjoyed the first episode - sure, its the same old but its still good to watch, regardless the fact that it is a unecessary season. I like new Henry and he and Cinderella have good chemistry.
  3. I think the ties to the previous seasons were the weak points in the premiere - Regina, Rumple, and Hook. New Henry is loads better than Old Henry so I'm glad to have him around. I liked the premiere more than I was expecting so I'll stick around (I mean, considering I've stuck with this show through some of its truly awful story arcs, saying I'll stick around now through its 7th season doesn't really mean much, I guess.)
  4. I have to say I’m really enjoying the new season - the arc between Bella and Rumple was beautiful.
  5. I'm liking the new season too actually (well, more than I've liked the previous few seasons anyway). I still feel like the holdover characters are the weak links but I can look past it. I'm seeing a lot of fans online completely panning the new season, though. They're lamenting the loss of "good acting" the show once had and saying the new cast is terrible. Like, sis, come on.
  6. What new cast really? We have Cinderella, new Henry, Lucy and Victoria, Alice pops up here and there. Besides, I find all of them quite good. And its not like the previous acting was something spectacular anyway. My favorite was always Regina and I like her in this new role. Grown up Henry is also good, he is much better than kid Henry.
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  7. Show has been cancelled. Season 7 will be the last.
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  8. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    I’ll finish the season to complete it but the season was awful. I really wish they just focused on Regina as her ending after season six was the only one that didn’t feel complete. Then called it a wrap.
  9. About time! They should have ended it last season.
  10. I didn't even know it was still going! Shook.

    Stopped watching it somewhere around Season 4 I think.
  11. That's sad if not unexpected. I'm happy they still gave it a proper ending on season 6 and now they just have to end the reboot.
  12. Well, I wouldn't say the show is cancelled. The writers could have continued but ABC said no, that it is best to wrap it up and they agreed. I don't think anyone expected this reboot to go on more than 1 season, I certainly didn't.
  13. I’m so glad this is finishing up. I’ve watched so long that I couldn’t stop watching until the end. It’s been rubbish since season 5.