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Orange Caramel Discography Rate: #19

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. 33.


    사랑을 미룰 없나요 (Love Does Not Wait)

    Average score: 5.31

    10 – @send photo; 8 – @junglefish, @Serg.
    1 – @PopZeitgeist

    So here is the thing most solo tracks in this rate have in common: they are ballads, and we all know how that's gonna go down in a PopJustice rate. But tbh y'all got it pretty right this time. Raina is the first to have hers eliminated, as Love Does Not Wait is only the third song out. I appreciate the R&B touches and the hook in the chorus is charming, but overall it really doesn’t amount to much. I think 5.31 is a pretty generous average for this, a cute little album track but nothing more.

    @ryan_riot92 starts us off with “Meh …” and honestly that's all this write-up deserves. @Squashua is imagining another song that's probably more exciting than what we actually got with Love Does Not Wait: “Not Orange Caramel having a Sistar rnb ballad for an album track. I was waiting for whoever the Korean equivalent to Boyz II Men is to drop in for verse 2. Fantastic singing but a little charity single-esque.” Speaking of charity, or lack thereof, @GeiPanda does some dragging: “It’s not terrible… but just incredibly predictable as a Raina solo song.” and @He agrees: “cute ballad, nice vocals… a bit typical though.” Kii.

    Not @Slice of Life being cynical: “LOVE DOES NOT EXIST. Oh yes, destroy the True Love Waits believers, woke kweens! This is a cute ballad. I don't mind it. I also won't listen to it again.” Honestly though, how many of us will? Oh wait, @junglefish decided to serve the judges some self-awareness on this runway: “Raina is living her solo diva fantasy. Sounds like a cheesy early 2000s ballad, so of course I love it.” You do you, sis. Meanwhile @SloMover pads this write-up a bit, “It's fine. I haven't listened to this since it came out which says everything that needs to be said tbh.” Ok then, we’ll end it here.

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  3. Yeah, I'm really sorry to have kept y'all waiting for so long, but work has been draining for me lately. I've done some write-ups in advance this weekend though so hopefully I won't keep you waiting any more xx
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    눈을 감아 (Keep Your Eyes Closed)

    Average score: 5.42

    10 – @send photo; 9 – @Serg. ; 8 – @GeiPanda
    0.5 – @PopZeitgeist

    Not the music box intro to this song luring me into a false sense of security that I’m gonna get something musically interesting but then it transforming into a fairly standard and forgettable ballad. Now y’all know by now that I’m not in any way a ballad hater, but honestly? Most of the ones in here are faceless bores. Sorry! Good for Nana for showing she has what it takes to carry a song all by herself, as her vocals are the track's strongest aspect, but I think I speak for everyone (well, except @Serg.) when I say that her other solo in this rate does a much, much more convincing argument.

    @Squashua agrees, adding: “Nana sounds nice and the brief guitar screams made for something a bit different but the rest is by numbers.” @karmarisma joins us in weeping, “It's a shame that so many of OC b-sides are bland ballads.” Especially since their discography is so short, ugh. ddd @ryan_riot92’s commentary reads shadier than it probably is: “Awww … a Nana ballad … I love her so much. It’s really lovely though.” It is! @Slice of Life ponders, “Okay but why in the world do they have better ballads than the likes of Sistar and 4Minute??? What the hell. This is cute in all of its cheesy glory. That chorus is straight up 80s/90s and I for one am here for it.” I mean, 4minute ballads is a pretty low standard to have sis, and you know I stanned that group.

    I was waiting for someone to do a Yoona joke, and @junglefish did not disappoint: “Pretty good until the chorus, which is a real letdown. Still, Nana is doing great and THAT VOICE! Giving Yoona a run for her money.” However, @SloMover ain’t buying it: “No. Next.” Normally I’d take offence to @He’s comment, but here we’re on the same side: “ballad… no”

    Let’s end on a positive note with @GeiPanda: “My babe Nana having a song to herself - what’s not to love? I’m not just being biased - I think OC had pretty good ballads all around, especially since they were usually balanced next to the upbeat, zany title tracks. This one is no exception. I love the use of the guitar."

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    흰눈 사이로 하이힐 타고
    (Dashing Through the Snow In High Heels)

    Average score: 5.78

    10 – @send photo; 9 – @Slice of Life
    2 – @PopZeitgeist

    This is absolutely lovely, but let’s be honest here – for a title as iconic as “Dashing Through the Snow in High Heels”, the song deserved a lot more than just “lovely”. Especially since it also features Ren! A bit of a wasted opportunity, even if it’s overall one of the better holiday themed k-pop packages. I'd play it in the background of one our annual family dinners, but that's because I want to fall asleep before my relatives finish the first course and start asking me why I don't have a girlfriend. The MV is really cute as well. But let’s cut to the chase: for a true Xmas BOP, just skip ahead and go listen to the Pope:


    @karmarisma is feeling the Christmas spirit already and it's only October: “Considering I find most Christmas songs to be absolute snooze-fests, this is pretty alright. For a start it's not some basic ballad, and actually has a beat and a proper pop melody. Also it has 2 seconds of Nu'est, so I'm automatically biased.” I’m feeling it too though, but that’s mostly down to the wine. @Squashua wished for more but at least he didn't get coal in his stockings: “Were the Nu'est guys dashing through the snow in stilettos too? Queen Ren would have sl*yed that MV concept if they had gone there. As far as Christmas songs in rates go, this is one of the better ones.”

    I love it when us Ren stans get together, as @Cotton Park adds: “hate Christmas pop songs but Nana and Ren in the same shot? Repeatrepeatrepeat...”. @ryan_riot92 breaks the flow a bit, “One of the few good K-Pop holiday tracks. It’s quite lovely.” OK BUT WHAT ABOUT REN? @GeiPanda continues by talking about the wrong group member, “Confession: I really can’t stan for Nu’est because Aron seems like an arsehole/looks just like a guy I dislike from high school. That being said, this song is sweet and in the category of good Kpop xmas songs.” Aron who? Anyway, on the other side of the coin we have @Slice of Life: “MY NU'EST BABIES! MY SONS! AND OF COURSE MY GIRLS! How can I give this a score lower than 9? Tell me! I genuinely love this and I can't wait to prance to this come Christmas time. Also that song title is actually iconic. When will Western Christmas songs?” yas

    I'm glad y’all are noticing song titles, if nothing else: “I don't like Christmas music very much but the song title is iconic,” writes @SloMover. Shame we can’t say the same about the song itself though, huh. Stan a bit @Sanctuary, “This is actually really good for how cash-grab kpop Christmas songs can be. Lemme also add in a point for NU’EST zads.” ok but just listen to Lonely Christmas, sis, and we'll forget about that 2 for Bing Bing in the other rate, alright? @He mentions another non-Ren member: “Cute xmas little bop. 0.5 extra point for Baekho’s presence.” Where are all these NU'EST stans coming from? And most importantly,


    I’ll let @junglefish close us off while I help myself to leftovers. It's an early Xmas, after all! “Not the best PLEDIS Christmas song, but pleasant enough.” And that will have to do.

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  7. Kii
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  8. He


    Unnie this gif is so fucking disgusting.

    But I cannot not look.
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  10. Dddddd I'm pretty sure this is photoshopped to make it look more disgusting.
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  11. I was curious what my overall average was, seeing as I seem to be the low voter this rate (It's 5.9).

    Their singles are so strong, but almost everything else is filler. My average after Catallena hits jumps to 8.5, so it's shame they didn't have more comebacks when it was clear they were going sonically in the right direction, even for non-singles.
  12. No.

    I used my 11.
  13. Yep, and you broke @Sanctuary's perfect streak at the bottom too

    send photo 10.028
    Slice of Life 8.1
    karmarisma 7.9
    Juan Jose 7.88
    Squashua 7.78
    GeiPanda 7.65
    Deja-Boo 7.6
    junglefish 7.5
    ryan_riot92 7.4
    Serg. 7.32
    He 6.97
    Ceir 6.91
    LightningRider 6.55
    Cotton Park 6.2
    Alouder98 6.2
    Mikl C 6.14
    SloMover 6.14
    Sanctuary 6.14
    PopZeitgeist 5.94

    Well I didn't quite make the cut for an Orange Caramel tribute band this time, unfortunately :( Congrats to our top girls though, let's just pretend I'm Jungah making a cameo for Bangkok City thanks x
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  14. Wait @ me being in the bottom half of voter averages when I said on the first page that they had "one of the best discographies in K-pop" dddddd
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. The curse is finally broken.
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  17. You can thank their Japanese discography which I never even heard of prior to this rate!
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  18. Well I am glad I am among the highest average score. They are my fave, but there some stains in their discography. All this...
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  19. Not to go off topic but..


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  20. Yass it is, he got them taken off.
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