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P!nk - Beautiful Trauma (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by CaliforniaKing, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. No, just a coincidence.

    And, to be honest, I wouldn't like her to record it, it's my least favorite song on "Freak of Nature".
  2. I'm still bummed that's there's no bonus tracks or b-sides - a first since her debut album. Part of the excitement of her last three album was the array of bonus tracks and b-sides.

  3. You guys have to watch this interview. It's Em Rusciano and P!nk in LA. Em is a very much adored (but sometime polarising) Australian media personality and her interaction with P!nk here explains a lot about why Australians just 'get' P!nk and why we're a little obsessed with her.
  4. Yeah, I'm super bummed about that. An entire five years and we "only" get 13 songs. Hopefully all 13 are total smashes. The ones I've heard mostly are
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  5. Nope. It means she didn't write sad songs for this album.
  6. Smileys and such are against the forum rules, Jakob. Just give them a quick skim before a mod pulls it up!

    That's such a great interview, she's always been pretty damn humble and relaxed. I love how much of a badass Willow is.
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  7. Well I thought when she said it's all she had for a while, it was referring to the early stages of creating the album.
    Anyways, there will be a sad song from her, as always.
  8. What About Us is growing on me....hoping for more of that reflection throughout the album but with more interesting production.
  9. That's a very odd rule.
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  10. You'll love it once you settle in. Keeps things in order and less...cheap and 'forum-y'.
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  11. That woman explaining why she's the Australian P!nk = [​IMG]
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  12. ...
  13. = You being me in the FH thread
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  14. Yeah but cute gifs are different.
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  15. I don't set foot in Comeback Corner.
  16. kal


    Can we get a new song soon?
  17. I think 'What About Us' has plenty of steam left, I really don't see an official second single until October. We'll get a promo single then, most likely.
  18. No, I believe she meant she's written a lot of sad songs on previous albums. The question was asking her what was different or new about this new album right?
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  19. Then how do you find the Witness thread?
  20. Don't mention Witness, I just ate.
    I'm not saying it to be hateful but it's honestly probably the worst album by one of the big pop girls in many, many years. like 1 star out of 5 territory.