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Pet Shop Boys Rate. Part 1: 1985-1991. #7

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ray, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. slurmjunkie said:
    ... just goes on and on without reaching any kind of high or emotional response.

    I meant that My October Symphony doesn't really affect me in a positive way, both the music and the lyrics leave me cold.
  2. Thanks for this observation. I hadn't noticed this before.
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  3. Ray


    Correct. (Argh. One day I will manage to get through an entire rate without a single mistake. That will be NEVER.) It's the scorer next to you in my spreadsheet... @Eric Generic.
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  4. Agree with everything here. Shockingly, it also somehow slipped my attention that it's a Tennant/Orlando co-write.
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  5. Just saw the Two Divided By Zero bit for the first time. I can now understand the widespread disdain for this film project. The non-PSB acting is unbearably awful.
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  6. I already posted this when Do I Have To? was revealed, but I'll write it again now: as with the former song, I was so surprised and over the moon to hear this at the first Pandemonium show I attended. Though all the people around me looked baffled at my enthusiastic screams of recognition.
  7. Ray


    It Couldn't Happen Here is, sadly, unwatchable. I watched it once and it was awful, awful, awful. Cringeworthy "what were they thinking" awful. I needed to take breaks. Then at a fan club meeting we got hammered and tried to watch it but we just couldn't, not even drunk. So it just played in the background as we talked. I think that the idea (and the acting, too) behind the movie are great, it's just that the execution somehow managed to pull out all the worst elements of Pet Shop Boys and Britishness and hide all the good parts. There are still some highlights, of course, like "I'm a bilingual illiterate – I can't speak in two languages. I went fishing with Salvadore Dali. We used dotted line, caught every other fish". But most of it is just... "rubbish" would be complimenting it.
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  8. I think So Hard is usually remembered above all for these classic lines. I'm afraid I find the orchestra stabs a bit harsh on the ears and dated now (as in other places on Behaviour such as ...Seriously?), but I still can't give less than a 10 because of the rest of the synths and the great sequencer bit, which is even better on the extended version.
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  9. I couldn't even watch this clip all the way through and had to skip bits - the shouting pilot being the chief culprit.
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  10. I'm hoping Domino Dancing will miss out on a top 10 place although I guess it won't.
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  11. I'm hoping Domino Dancing makes Top 5 (it won't).
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  12. Ray


    I still think it's hilarious @DominoDancing didn't give their 11 to "Domino Dancing". (I'm amused by the oddest things. My apologies, Domino.)
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  13. Orchestra-stabs are a quintessential PSB asset. They were actually totally unacceptable and unfashionable by 1986, but we all know that samplers were only invented for orchestra-hits and PSB were smart enough to use them as a statement. Because you can never have enough of them.
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  14. Yes, but I meant that I find these particular stabs on the songs I mentioned a bit shrill compared to, for example, the stabs on Always On My Mind or Burn.
  15. This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave would simply have been too long for a user name.

    Actually, DominoDancing was just a song I was listening to a lot when I had to select a name 11 months years sigh back. It was always one of my favourites, but never THE favourite.
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  16. Stop that. Enough.
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  17. I wish I'd chosen @BoringBeing.
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  18. Not @Hard. So? ...
  19. Ray




    Janet [Street-Porter] tells Neil and Chris that she really likes their version of 'Always On My Mind' in the show. It's a song first made famous by Elvis Presley.

    An early xmas present for @Farnaby...

    'I think you should put it on a B-side,' she says.
    They gawp.
    'Do you think so?' asks Neil, stringing her along, setting her up.
    'Yes,' Janet replies, her enthusiasm growing, pleased that they seem interested in her idea.
    Neil points out that it has actually been an A-side of a single already and that in fact it was number one for four weeks the Christmas before last.
    For once Janet is speechless.


    11. Always On My Mind

    AUS #10 AT #2 BE #2 CAN #1 NL #5 EUR #1 FIN #1 FRA #22 GER #1 IRL #2 ITA #9 NZ #8 NOR #3 POL Radio 3 #1 ZA #3 SPA #1 SWE #1 SWI #1 UK #1 US #4 US Dance #8 US Maxi-Singles #12

    Highest score: 11x2 (@Mikey1701, @idratherjack), 10x18 (@Heaven on Earth, @rawkey, @tylerc904, @ohnoitisnathan, @Scoundrel_Days, @etcetera, @TrendyMüller, @Auntie Beryl, @Eric Generic, @slurmjunkie, @chris4862, @Bleu Noir, @SmashHitter, @etienne, @One Stop Candy Shop, @GhettoPrincess, @Jóga, @RaggedTiger)
    Lowest score: NOT @Farnaby!!! 4 (@Filler)

    Neil: We were approached by Central TV to be on a programme called Love Me Tender, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, and for some reason we agreed to do it. [...] First track on the first one Chris picked up, Magic Moments With Elvis, was 'Always On My Mind'.
    Chris: I'm not a fan of Elvis Presley. The only songs I like are 'Suspicious Minds' and 'Always On My Mind'. I always like the Canadian Mountie backing vocals on 'Always On My Mind', but we don't put those in our version.
    Neil: Originally we were going to do a house version of 'Baby Let's Play House', which was a really good idea. But there just wasn't time or something. So we just started doing 'Always On My Mind'. [...] I changed the words slightly too and made it ungrammatical: 'maybe I didn't treat you quite as good as I should' instead of '...should have', because I wanted it to be more definite. And then we went up and filmed it for the programme, and everyone said it was fantastic. We dressed in leather, in clone outfits, and walked down a railway track. That demo version was released on a seven-inch single with Japanese copies of Actually. We were going to release it as the b-side of 'Rent', but Jill Carrington said, 'no, it should be a single'. For the single version we just tarted up the demo and put tank noises on it. The demo fades out sooner. They were furious in America that it was a single because it wasn't on the album, and they had to repackage the album with a twelve-inch of 'Always On My Mind'. [...] EMI were phoning up, trying to stop us releasing it. But we thought it stood a good chance of being Christmas number one, and it was. [...] 'Always On My Mind' wasn't in the film [guess which film – Ray] originally and then during the filming we decided to release it as a single and a whole new scene was written for the film so that it could be included. [...] I think our film is arguably better than Spiceworld.

    @Ray: First of all, it SO isn't better than Spiceworld. I gave this 9 points. I don't feel it's essential, but I think it's great fun. And it's one of the very few PSB songs I heard In Da Club (arguably it was a very cheesy club's 40+ night, and I was not 40+, and the main thing they played were ABBA, BUT STILL). And it tore the roof down, which resulted in many deaths and criminal charges. (Not really.) It really is the least terrible part of the film. I have to add that Elvis has NOTHING on this. It's a great, great cover. I believe cover versions should add to the original. This, like, multiplies the original by 100.

    Poor 11s:

    @Mikey1701: There really was no contest, this was always going to be my 11. Nothing else came close. I first heard this on my 12th birthday on a mixtape that my brother had sent me in lieu of a present (he was a broke ass student at the time… not much has changed in the intervening eighteen years, but I digress…). It was the first track on the second side. I had never heard anything like it before: bombastic, clattering synths with a chorus so phenomenally huge that my scalp has never recovered, Neil’s bored-and-yet-forlorn vocal delivery and more cowbell than you can shake a stick at. This was the first non-ABBA song to capture my attention. Combine that with the special way it came into my life- and you have probably got my favourite pop song of all time (I often fluctuate between this and Dame Liza’s Losing My Mind). Fucking phenomenal.

    I don't see a comment from @idratherjack.

    Some people seem to like it:

    @Jóga: My wedding song. In the future, when I marry.
    @GhettoPrincess: Always adored their cover of the song, definitely made it ten times more interesting.
    @One Stop Candy Shop: Anthem is anthem. Hearing this on the Super tour - especially with those opening keyboard-hits - was life changing.
    @DominoDancing: Taking the original in all it's cheesy glory and turning it into a Hi-NRG stomper was inspired, as was the addition of what must be the catchiest brass hook in pop history. I can't get to myself to hand out the top score simply because there's so much in their catalogue that is more...interesting. It's a great bop, but not a bop+.

    Then a few others seem to like it, too:

    @Bleu Noir: best cover of all time.
    @Future Lover: I love this, can't help myself. It's just so fucking catchy and overwhelming.
    @TrendyMüller: Before my favourite moments in all of POP („maybe I didn´t lov you…“) we have an aural onslaught of orchestra-hits and „are they serious“-pomp, that made one of my most cynical „muso-friends“ a fan oft he boys. Quite an achievement for a cover version.
    @ohnoitisnathan: How can you not like this? [calling @Farnaby]

    And very few others seem not to like it VERY MUCH:

    @Sally_Harper: I love this with all my heart, BUT I don’t listen to it very often because the first time I heard it was also the first time I met my brother’s ex-girlfriend, who he eventually had to dump because she was really abusive towards him. She then died in a car accident last year so now it’s all a bit weird, and this song is unfortunately tangled up with it all in my head. It’s a shame because it’s a lovely song, done really well. Certainly more enjoyable than the incredibly depressing Willie Nelson version my mum used to play whenever she was pissed off!
    @Peer_Gynt10: I’m a bit tired of it

    Performance performance:

    Pandemonium performance:

    Is this Top Of The Pops?

    And the best Super clip I found:

  20. Always On My Mind has no business outside the top 10.