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Pet Shop Boys Rate. Part 1: 1985-1991. #7

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ray, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. What’s your beef?
  2. So everything is clear now...

    Cheap Elvis cover on one side, most beautiful pop song on earth on the other.

    Like poppers and Château Pétrus.
  3. Talking about château Pétrus and celebration : the Certain Je Ne Sais Plus Quelle Cover outside of the top 10 is the most enjoyable pop news of the week (just after the Lewis Ofman remix of the last Yelle single).
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  4. I know full well you’re attempting to “trigger” me so let me rise above it and let it go.

    You’re so damn wrong about Always On My Mind AND Being Boring that I’m now convinced you live in some sort of parrallel world of terrible taste. Bye Felicia. *cackle*.
  5. Ray


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  6. Well, I understand this is POPjustice and therefor the Top 10 shouldn´t be such a big surprise...but imagine a budget best-of with these 10 songs on it. Would you buy it?
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  7. Ray


    *thinks about this REALLY hard*

    Well. The thing is my unpopular pop opinion would replace "It's A Sin" and "West End Girls" with "So Hard" and "Jealousy". So maybe I am not your target audience...
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  8. If they bundled in a dvd of tv performances to sweeten the deal ... Yeah, why not?

    In all seriousness though, it seems like a very lazy top 10 ...
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  9. Suburbia

    I cant remember - i picked out some random low scores of some of the ones that were in the top 25 that would have been nice to see do a bit more of a suprise placing like ‘why dont we live together’ and ‘this must be the place’.

    I really dont care - i am just feigning some incandescent rage
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  10. I see what you mean. It's definitely suffered from its ubiquity on the airwaves and in concert, so I wouldn't mind if they replaced it with something else on the occasional tour. However, I can't argue against it being a wonderful cover version of a song that they have not only improved but made their own. The vocals in particular are outstanding.
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  11. I expected Domino Dancing to do this well, Heart seems unusual at first but really shouldn't be that surprising considering it's the Popjustice forum - and I think Neil may know it's a fan favourite because they played it on two consecutive tours from 2006 to 2010. Love Comes Quickly is a pleasant surprise.
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  12. The thing with Elvis Cover Version that maybe gets forgotten a bit now, is that back in November 1987 it was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT and nailed the pop world in a way that So Hard did not in 1990.
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  13. 100% agree, however, by about 1990 I was bored of it and still would never choose to listen to it individually ... Where So Hard to me is just one of many excellent (I gave it 10/10) PSB songs to be enjoyed along with b-sides and album tracks, AOMM is just another of their ‘hits’ that I could easily never hear again ... This goes for all their number 1’s (certainly in original form) …
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  14. All songs in this Top Ten are 10s of mine apart from one, so I should be very happy. Having said that, I gave thirty-three 10s (in addition to my 11) and, though they deserve them all, of course I prefer some 10s to other 10s. So considering what I would place in my own Top Ten, I think only three of the remaining songs would make it, with another three earning a spot in my Top Twenty.
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  15. HOLY HELL! Always On My Mind leaving before the top 10 is a total "We have to go back!"/"I am Locutus...of Borg!"/"Take thee Rachel!" shocker. I was 100% certain it would be at least top 5.
  16. Yes, yes, yes! I already wanted to comment on this when @KingBruno wrote in the comments that So Hard was ahead of its time and that it sounded like nothing else.

    My memory of the time when So Hard was released is that it was anything but ahead of its time or even right on time. It actually sounded a bit behind in late 1990. This was the time of Snap, Black Box, Betty Boo, Technotronic, Deee-Lite, Soul2Soul, Massive Attack...KLF ("edgy" remixes for hire don´t count), Hip House and ...MC Hammer.

    Analogue "I Feel Love"-Basslines and yet more HiNRG echos were not what things were about. If one song captured the sound of 1990 it must have been Depeche Mode´s Enjoy The Silence which managed to capture the essence of pop and house to a T.
    Even Suzanne fucking Vega was more happening than PSB.

    It became even more apparant that they must have been aware of this, when the next two singles (and DJ Culture) suddenly featured soft-washed swingbeats.

    As much as I love Behaviour, the singles run of the campaign saw their imperial phase crashing hard and PSB found themselves at the back of the bus for the first time.
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  17. I would buy that!
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  18. Ray


    Well. My memory of "So Hard" is "this is amazing, I wonder if those Pit Stop Boys have any other songs" before turning into full-on obsession. But "So Hard" was first.
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  19. I knew 'Being Boring' would be in the top 10, but I wish it wasn't.
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  20. That is a decent top 10, good to have a non-single make it (although would have prefered Two divided by Zero to be highest ranking album track).

    Always on my Mind not being there is a surprise, I wonder if the next one will be What have I done to deserve this not winning! I will be rooting for Left to my own devices though, as was the other contender for my 11.
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