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PJ Chart, March 2018: I'm Just A Dimestore Cowgirl

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. @Untouchable Ace

    @Mirwais Ahmadzaï





  2. And that's a wrap!​

    Thanks so much for voting and liking my posts.
    Special thanks to the newbies who pulled us up to 51 voters.
    Special non-thanks to the people who voted in Feb but not March.
    Except a tag or ten next month.

    A year since
    my very first hosting gig.

    Pressure's on.

    Until then.

    P.S. should I make a PJ Chart Vault thread?​
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  3. SCREAMING AT THE LOST IN JAPAN STANNAGE. Suddenly I don't feel so alone. Kii.

    Even though you forgot to post my messy ballot, I still love you @ohnostalgia xoxo
  4. I don't understand the bubbling thing, but it's nice seeing green + next to me.

    And I know my taste is shit, @ohnostalgia, so it's okay that my full ballot is not posted.
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  5. A vault would be great!

    @BEST FICTION voting for Liberation is the definition of optimism. Xtina doesn’t deserve ha.
  6. @constantino

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  7. I always post every ballot (well... except @Slice of Life apparently). Some people like to follow what specific users voted for, if they share similar tastes and interests.

    I get our two chart convos confused a lot OKAY.

  8. it seems my Mendussy is throbbing more than yours, xoxo
  9. I will put you on ignore.
  10. Yet you still haven't posted mine.
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  11. Can you all just. Chill.

    And just in case..


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  12. @haps is my fave this month. That is all!
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  13. Now I can. Thanks, hun.
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  14. How are there so many albums out that I need to FYC already? It's not even the 10th yet!
  15. Me adding the entirety of the Kali Uchis album to the playlist

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  16. Me scaring @digitalkaiser with my Pop 2 average now that I don’t have to do this.

  17. [​IMG]

    Oh my God @Petty Mayonnaise @A&E I can't believe you remembered ARK and that I forgot oop. And not ORKID nearly getting enough votes to actually chart, wow.
    Also can everyone who voted for Kimbra kindly do it again next month, please, I'll do the same.

    I'm not sure I can be trusted with collaborative playlists re: moderation, but I would genuinely love to see these ladies catch some kind of attention next month.

    For your particular consideration, though, the hottest contender for April's top scores just so happened to drop while I typed this out.

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  18. Can the chart just be all Janelle and Hayley Kiyoko songs? A thought.
  19. With all the other amazing albums out this month?


    (Although, if Janelle doesn't trample the other contenders into dust for the #1 spot this month, something is seriously wrong with the forum.)