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PJ SOMG CHART RATE (September 2016-December 2017) - FIM

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jan 15, 2018.

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  2. Tomorrow I will do my last and desperate round of tagging. If you don't want your 1000th notification from this thread I suggest you submit your ballot ASAP.
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  3. #hyumin ♥

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  4. I cannot.
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. There's like a day, but SEND.

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  7. So the 3 songs I put under "12" will get less points than the 3 songs I put under "1", right? @ohnostalgia

  8. If Rita is your top pick then yes, this is how it works.
  9. Ok, I got an explanation. I'm good to go.

  10. Your FIRO hate needs to end.

    And sorry I was working, but you give the songs you like the most your 12 points. .... I hope nobody mixed that up.
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  11. I keep an updated list of voters on page 1... in case you notice any forrem friends missing.
  12. 'Anywhere' deserves all the 12s and I will be voting (soon) in the hope that it wrecks lots of your faves. One of the few times this year where the pop world brought me exactly what I wanted.
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  13. You saw their day out together photos too right? They're the best.

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  14. I sincerely hope Anywhere will manage to win over New Rules.
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  15. Got a chance to listen to all the songs at work today since it was quiet. I've discovered some great stuff, especially the j/k-pop selection! Can't wait to see it all unfold!
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  16. Keep wishing

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  17. 59 Ballots

    make em raingurl, make em rain


    I might be able to see Yaeji, I’m so excited.
  18. [​IMG]