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PJ Song Contest 64: Super Ultra Arcade Edition (34/100 Achievements!) ~ One week left to vote!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Yes, fine...

  2. I allready know and like 3 of those songs but hoping some bops will be discovered in the process.
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  3. Yup my song for next month was taken and it's a song I could see a certain few people entering, so I hope they did and win.
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  4. The songs near my entry are great, I don't stand a chance but I wasn't aiming for chance in thus round.

    When I first read Zack Knight's T-shirt as OTTER I thought that'snotrealistic.gif
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  5. I've listened to the first songs on the list while walking the dogs, and they're cute girls!
  6. And what eas your opinion on the songs?
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  7. Cute soundtrack for walking your dogs!
  8. PJSC 65 - Dog Walking Edition
  9. Who let the bops out?

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  10. I see @One Stop Candy Shop and I are going for different achievements. I will give you points this time, I hope you reciprocate.
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  11. Awwww, yay. I like dogs.
  12. What Do You Mean?
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  13. I think I know your entry, and this time with mine I could get points from you.
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  14. OK. Sounds like a deal then.
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  15. @seven. chose this icon


    So now only 3 people haven't picked a character yet.
  16. Achievement Update

    Making People's Lives Difficult - First song not to be on Spotify
    @Carel doesn't support streaming

    Almost Made It - Had the vetoed song that was closest to passing
    @Petty Mayonnaise got this with:

    Songs need a veto score of 50/100 or higher to pass, and this one actually got 52/100, but since 3 panelists gave it a negative score it still got vetoed.

    Almost Didn't Make It (AKA The @Oleander)- Entered the song closest to getting vetoed
    This one goes to @GhettoPrincess. Count yourself lucky because it was quite close!

    Idon'tknowher.gif - First to get a completely obscure song past veto
    Obscure here meaning a song to get a perfect 100/100 score. That @Derek reign just won't let up because he nabbed this one as well!

    First Ballot! - First to submit a ballot
    Ballot Sequel - Second to submit a ballot
    Ballot Threequel - Third to submit a ballot
    @alchemy jones v3.0, @GhettoPrincess and @send photo:


    PJSC 64 Achievement Leaderboard
    #1 @send photo (3)
    #1 @Derek (3)
    #2 @TheChoirgirlHotel (2)
    #2 @haps (2)
    #2 @slaybellz (2)

    #2 @Carel (2)
    #2 @GhettoPrincess (2)
    #3 @Cutlery (1)
    #3 @Lost Boy (1)
    #3 @New Flame (1)
    #3 @saviodxl (1)
    #3 @WowWowWowWow (1)
    #3 @KamikazeHeart (1)

    #3 @CorgiCorgiCorgi (1)
    #3 @imaduck (1)
    #3 @llamadelrey (1)
    #3 @berserkboi (1)
    #3 @seven. (1)
    #3 @Petty Mayonnaise (1)
    #3 @alchemy jones v3.0 (1)

    (29/100 Achievements)

    @Derek and @send photo take the lead, @GhettoPrincess grabs 2 Achievements in one go and enters straight to #2. @Carel also climbs, and @Petty Mayonnaise and @alchemy jones v3.0!
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  17. What even is Spotify tbf.
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  18. Oh, wow, I'm somehow winning!? Yes! I'm actually somewhat surprised my song managed a perfect veto score, though I can't really say specifically why without further giving away my entry...
  19. Still curious to know what was the achievement I got
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