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PJ Song Contests Schedule Hub - PJSC, PJOPS, PJ00s

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mina, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. I'd be up for doing that, but only in July. It'd be after PJOPS 40, which seems like a good time to have a special round. If anyone wants to co-host, let me know!
  2. Sounds good!
  3. Not entirely sure if it collides with my own rate. Otherwise I could co-host.
  4. Great! And hopefully it won't!
  5. P.S - Is @CorgiCorgiCorgi a triple crown winner if we include the Second Chance round?
  6. @CorgiCorgiCorgi has won PJOPS twice, but hasn't won a regular edition of PJSC (her best placing was a silver medal in round 56). I'm not counting her win in the first second chance edition of PJSC toward this, since all the songs that round had been previously discovered and entered by others (and I think @CorgiCorgiCorgi 's winning entry was originally @Derek 's?) And she hasn't won PJ00s (yet!). So she'd need to win a regular round of PJSC + a regular round of PJ00s to get a triple crown.
  7. This is like how honorary awards count for the EGOT.
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  8. Maybe it'll happen after the next PJSC and PJ00s! I got some good stuff lined up.
  9. Some people have such lofty aspirations! I've downgraded mine to 'top ten PJOPS if at all possible'. 2018 has not had me set a high standard so far...
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