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PJ00s 3: Woof! Meow!- 5 Days Left To Vote (Deadline: 21 December 23h59)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by One Stop Candy Shop, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Flop town probably includes me too! Has anyone ever maintained their run for 3 consecutive rounds before?
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  2. Not sure about PJOPS and PJSC, but @ufint and @KamikazeHeart have placed in the top 5 twice now for PJ00s....
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  3. But did they get the same rank each time... #42-42!

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  4. One of the songs in this list has me wanting to sing the chorus to Xtina's "Infatuation" over it. Every time it starts I'm all "'I AM FULL BLOOD BORICUA', READS THE TATTOO ON HIS ARM..."

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  5. In PJOPS once: 3rd - 3rd - 1st (then 11th)

    I'm expecting to do slightly better than Se:Sa did, but still hover around the 15th-25th zone.
  6. Coming back to this list again, some of the songs have definitely aged better than others over the course of the voting period. A song that has been so far on track to get 8 points from me so far has just dropped to zero, and a song I always thought of as being a bit dull (even when it came out!) has somehow jumped up to 7 points.

    I'll wait for the list to stabilise before I send it in, but it looks like the only certainty is my 12.

    EDIT: My 12 just changed. NEVER MIND.
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  7. Ooh I need to get around to listening to them now.
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  8. There's also one which opens with a similar intro to The Saturdays' Get Ready, Get Set, which is quite fun.
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  9. I'm curious now. Please vote with comments so I can compare later
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  10. Ray


    How can I vote if every time I end up playing my own entry 40 times because it's so good?

    I'll just randomly pick 10 songs, I think.

    Maybe I shouldn't have typed that out loud.
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  11. Just pick mine, and I won't report you.
  12. Ray


    Scores submitted and I am sorry to say that but y'all made it easy. Half of those songs just went off my list immediately. Second play removed another bunch. I ended up with 11 songs that I was ready to give points to, and then at the end 9 of them got points and the remaining 2 were like "I really don't FEEL like giving them even one point, but I guess I need to give it to someone..."

    In other words, I am SO winning this.

    In even other words, I'll be 30th.

    @One Stop Candy Shop I am almost certain Laura Pausini track on Spotify and YouTube are not the same mix but maybe it could be some sort of country restriction? (I went with the YouTube version as definitive.)
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  13. I could have sworn the Spotify and YouTube versions of Surrender were exactly the same - are they not? I listened to both and scored accordingly. Now I’m wondering if I should have been paying more attention...
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  14. Have only listened to 7 songs properly so far

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  15. So only ~40 songs to go....

  16. I listened to both too and coulnd’t find a notable difference either (except that the spotify one is of better sound quality).
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  17. I think I'll submit my scores this weekend. I'll be extra critical of the things I know.
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  18. Flop Town currently has a population of 6.
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  19. *cries*
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  20. Why do I believe that my song is among those?

    Did you count me in? If not then we're already 7. Well, I feel really comfortable in this group :-) and I love that song I submitted!
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