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PJ00s 5: Choose Your Own (Mis)adventure :: 6 days to VOTE!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Hudweiser, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. It would be amazing if you both meant my song and stopped the drought of me getting no points from either of you so far...
  2. It would, wouldn’t it?

  3. Ha!

    So the song in question has no berserk feature. Is that what I aimed for all along? And does @Ray feel the same? Only 11 days til we find out!

    Just hoping also that I didn't give all points to final Girls and caused the death of Mr. Death early!
  4. How many survivors are there now, @Hudweiser ?
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  5. Seems the only surefire way to survive is not to vote.

    makes u think
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  6. I'm sure all the nonvoters will get slaughtered by the collective of killers upfront.

    (Unless of course, the killers don't vote...)
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  7. One killer has voted so let's hope all the kills are his by default!
  8. Wait... so, as a killer, if don't vote I could save both myself and other people. This round's moral implications are too much.
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  9. You won't be saving yourself - I can forsee all the inanimate objects falling on you from the roof of a very high ceiling as the @Hudweiser way, and that's the least it could be!
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  10. It's difficult to quantify as some residents aren't 'alive' in the first place, and others are 'undead', but by my last count only 4 were still in play.

    And people saying they always vote for other people... Not this season. Hearts will bleed. As well as necks, eye sockets, ears...
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  11. ...I should point out non-voters will default go the way of their character in whatever B-movie I plucked them from, or Mr Death / @berserkboi will be conjured up to drop a piano on them.

    And if you give votes to a Final Girl who is already dead, they're halved on account of them, y'know, not being there to help you other than 'in spirit'.

    Correct - it's all geared to work against you.
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  12. It wouldn't be a slasher film if people survived, would it?
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  13. Can I drop a piano on people who don't vote for me anyway?
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  14. The shoebox of wisdom.
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  15. They may be few and far apart, but I have my moments.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. I want to be this cat.
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  18. Aren't we all this cat?
  19. Depends if it's experiencing wonder at the sensation of the tooth brush or sheer horror at the oral invasion.
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