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PJ00s 5: Choose Your Own (Mis)adventure :: 7 days to VOTE!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Hudweiser, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. I’m more likely to kill you for stealing yet another song out of my CD collection.

    I wonder if I can find an Inanimate Object or two to help me...
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  2. I thought Jennifer Love was enough of a household name from the list but Macy Alexander Forrester is there too!!! Who is a B&B fan here??
  3. Actually managed to finish this list and vote - I could not believe it!! It was tough trying to juggle being patriotic and awarding points fairly as there were a few stand out tracks + a couple of 10s that walked away with no points I am sorry to say...
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  4. Ray


    Um? Have I missed something?
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  5. I am either Mauritian, French, Australian or Japanese depending on the personality these songs inspire...
  6. There’s definitely a clear winner this round, to my ears. There are several good songs, but that one song is head and shoulders above them all.

    (And no, it’s not my entry.)
  7. Ray


    It would be amazing if you meant the same song as me, but when I pick a clear winner it ends up being 28th.

  9. Ray


    Do spreadsheets count as inanimate objects?
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  10. No, but the plinth I smash into the screen will.
  11. Given the way the last round went, the best I can hope for is that this song makes top ten.

    In other news: somebody has submitted a song that is so strongly associated with me by people IRL that one of my friends randomly messaged me recently - despite us not having been in contact in months - because she had this song stuck in her head and it made her think of me.
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  12. I can actually see you stanning for my song, so I'm hoping.
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  13. I know it's not mine, but I'm just going to imagine for a moment that it is, because I haven't listened to all the songs yet.
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  14. Ray


    "Pornography" then?
  15. [​IMG]

    (It's not a song that @Hudweiser would associate with me.)
  16. Based on our track record it should be "I Don't Do"
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  17. Working through this list and I just realised.....

    I 'star' in 2 music videos for one of these artists.

    By 'star', I mean blink and you will miss me.
  18. Ray


    @send photo.

    @send photo.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. Ray



    That's not what I was expecting. Oh, who am I kidding, that's EXACTLY what I was expecting.