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PJ00s 5: Choose Your Own (Mis)adventure :: 7 days to VOTE!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Hudweiser, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Is Jason slaughtering your spreadsheet for you?
  2. That reminds me, need to finish my first listen this week so I can get a second listen and song sorting before the deadline.
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  3. Wait so does that mean that anyone who manages to survive their voting will be in a final standoff from which only one makes it out alive?!?
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  4. If that....
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  5. I don't think @Hudweiser needs any more diabolical ideas...
  6. It depends who is left and from what cliques; two killers might want to duke it out for prominence, but two regular campers might just get the fuck outta there.

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  7. Me trying to survive.

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  8. Your fate is already sealed, Melissa.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Teebs, she deserved that for all her scheming.
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  11. The cat has to survive right? Nine lives and such...
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  12. I love that Melissa schemes her way to the last 15 minutes of the film while every single one of her "friends" die.
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  13. Melissa is tied with Wendy from Prom Night as my favourite Bitchy Girl.
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  14. I have a few more suggestions:

    Zaranormal ActivUnity
    Nuhdeens Blair Witch Passport
    Are you afraid of the Derek?
    br0dy The Vampire Slayer
    True Bloodweiser
    And I still like Hannibal Lego
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  15. Unbreakable Axe
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  16. Kim.jpg

    "Jesus called and Riiiiiiiii answered"
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  17. @Hudweiser, could you maybe link the characters assigned to each player on page 1 so we all know who the killers as opposed to relatively harmless villains are?

    (We're still going to all die regardless, but...)
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  18. Voted. Nice round, but I'm exhausted.

  19. So are you ready to rest... in peace?
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