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PJ00s VI - Sailor Says - Sixercize! (Voting closes April 27, 7am AEST/Apr 26, 10pm BST)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. The very same. They were great for keeping kids like me quiet on flights.
  2. I had these gigantic puzzle books for road trips and other occasions. And thinner books with only logic puzzles. They were great!
  3. Sent in my points and my guesses! I based myself on previous entries, so hopefully you followed a pattern here!
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  4. Low-key Killer Sudoku puzzles are my jam.
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  5. This is how I low-key expect @iheartpoptarts to approach @Mina to work out the riddles...

  6. I suspect @iheartpoptarts is the veto panelist least likely to cheat seek out unauthorized aid on this logic puzzle.
  7. In Sailor Moon world, that would indeed explain all the tests Usagi struggles with...
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  8. Sexual favors on the table for the sender of my 12.
  9. Oh, we’re playing this game again, are we?

  10. Bookmarked for future embarrassment.
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  11. Are you up for threesomes?
  12. What slash/yaoi/yuri spin is this Sailor Moon theme getting???
  13. Ok been gone for a week on vacay .... We went to Osaka and Seoul for a week. Not going to lie, the Sailor Moon 4-D show at Universal was EVERYTHING!!!

    Anyway.. trying to catch up.. how long do I have to send in my scores?

  14. I think that @Hudweiser torpedoed that some time ago. Nowadays I'm lucky if I get two points out of him.

    I think this is the current status:
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  16. Don't we have a countdown link on the first post here to that effect? I thought we did...
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  17. And also put it in the thread title?

    We’re on BST (not GMT) in the UK at the moment, by the way.
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  18. Thx. Very relieved to see I have more time than I thought! No need to rush so nap time again...