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PJ00s VI - Sailor Says - @ufint is your main contest winner!! Vote for Tiny Awards - Form on P1, po3

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. I see this point but I never listen to the entries after I've voted because I've usually got two other song contests, multiple rates and @ohnostalgia's charts to get on to ddd. It does take me several listens to finalise a ballot in the first place, though...
  2. But I like the other 65 tracks just fine. Just don't expect any scores above 6 for her.
  3. I've never changed my votes either (because I tend to leave them till I'm happy with them), but people do it!

    (I hit send on this post too early, haha)

    Anyway, I don't see any benefit to spoiling your entry prior to the reveal - just be fair and wait for the list like everyone else!

    And it's all good, not to attack you or anyone - I just think this should probably not happen going forward is all.
  4. Bringing new meaning to the phrase "zero poprock rate"...
  5. someone did.
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  6. Did you just say you like 65 tracks? Meaning they will al get mediocre or high scores all around?! This would be your highest average in a rate ever then?
  7. Agreed. I've never once changed a song contest ballot after submitting it.
  8. Remember when I was talking about setting a logic puzzle? I didn't say it would be solvable.
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  9. You are including 2 of my all-time favorite albums on that list.
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  10. Where is this pop rock rate @Sprockrooster ?

    I switched my 10 and 12 around here actually.
  11. Switching sexual favors, Hud? That could be awkward.
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  12. I just had to double check, but yes, I did remember to update the spreadsheet. I'm not that senile yet.
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  13. Why don't we just disallow re-sending ballots after you've sent? That would make everything work. Most people wait until their finalized anyway, which is why so many ballots come in so late every contest.
  14. No, the sex is for the reigning 12.
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  15. Opening end May (I hope).
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  16. It will be interesting to see how @Mina deals with rate villains for a change. What an amazing role reversal.
  17. I feel like this would just result in more people sending their ballots as late as possible though!

    (Alternatively, you could've just made an error that would require re-voting - like, say the host gets back to you to let you know that you've voted for the same song twice, or you've only voted for 9 songs.)
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  18. I'm fine with people switching votes up to the deadline for whatever reason. We may have our friendly rivalries, but I doubt anyone here would change their votes based on who they found out unofficially they did or didn't vote for.
  19. If it's one of two possible people, then they've got it right.

    If it's one of the others...

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