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PJOPS 32: from enka to sega - FINISHED! (results on pages 48-71)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, May 25, 2017.

  1. I have a rollicking bop by an artist so obscure nobody can even prove they're dead... Would that count?
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  2. I'm back. Congratulations everyone! And thank you @londonrain for doing this. I hope people will explore more of the wonderful music of globe. There's so much to discover.
  3. Ray


    Was that artist on the cover of Mojo? If yes, definitely dead.
  4. This thread falling down the front page while we wait for the new thread to go up:

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  5. Me preparing the next round.

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    This GIF doesn't load, which does not bode well for the next round.
  7. If anyone would like to go back through the results for nostalgia's sake and rediscover all the videos I posted (plus the subtleties of me shading @berserkboi, various songs, and the world generally), now would be an excellent time.

    (All likes, regrets for not voting for Chanté and JoJo, and compliments will be gratefully received.)
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  8. Ray


    I thought page 80 would be a good moment to announce I still don't know what enka and sega are.
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  9. Sega's that 90s console for Sonic the Hedgehog right?
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  10. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    The real names of Beyoncé's twins, obviously!
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  11. An excellent time to go back and re-read the post in which I mentioned both of them!

    (It's the thank you post on page 76.)
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  12. I can never not read "sega" like that voice you used to hear when you turned the console on. Please tell me somebody else knows what I mean!
  13. They still use that for Sega games on the PlayStation, don't they? If so, I know exactly what you mean.
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  14. Ray



    I thought @Sprockrooster is always at the bottom though. Always good to learn new things!
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  15. This is how #FakeNews happens, people.

    (He just complained about his performance more than @berserkboi did.)
  16. I wondered why I was summoned in this thread and I am not pleased with this turnout. I was going to say the joke is old, but it is brought back to life with my latest placement. I hate stigma's. Time to send in a classic instrumental to show my true colours.
  17. Thanks for the support. I need it a lot after the dreadfull performance from last contest (and several other recent ones).
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  18. At least you've won before, Sprocky. Poor @berserkboi has only been in two contests and he's already broken the record for lowest placing ever!
  19. And that out of the blue victory still fuels the willpower to carry on here. That victory was actually more iconic than my PJSC victory, because it was so unexpected. I mean Elisa (my PJSC victory) didnot feel like a winner either, but at least I felt like it had potential. With Ryuichi Sakamoto I was just here to do some artist promo during Christmas.

    And this makes me realise. I actually won both contests. SHOOK. There cannot be a lot of people that have the same trackrecord. I know @Derek, @KamikazeHeart and @imaduck are in that list. I love this clique. Sorry if it sounds cocky. Suddenly I am glad @Ray tagged me into this.
  20. Ray


    Aw I will stop @Sprockrooster – sorry! – but for the record I am not doing this because of "stigma"!

    I think @Eric Generic can relate – I send in songs that rip my heart apart in the best way possible and they end up #18th, and then I send in six songs and they are vetoed and finally something gets through and I get a top 10 placement out of 43 entries. I think this clearly shows my taste is very refined, and if anything, yours is even more refined. I still can't figure out how "Get Your Body" didn't get ALL the 12s in the entire contest.