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PJOPS (Song Contest) 35/XXXV: PJBOPS - Enter by Sunday (Nov 19) at 11:59 PM GMT!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. It could be worse. I'm just going to leave this here:

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  2. I saw what occurred on the last page and thought it something to do with the magazine covers @iheartpoptarts posted a couple pages back, so my revenge was going to be posting a bunch of 'sexy Christina looks through the years' and of course she's not mentioned anywhere on the magazine. Life is hard, etc.
  3. [​IMG]

    You're welcome.
  4. This whole thread should have a NSFW disclaimer....
  5. Yes that and screenshots from "Genie in a Bottle', especially from 'Come On Over" and a photoshoot she did for Maxim around the time of "Dirrty".

    Her look in the "Come On Over" video is still one of my favorites from any pop girl, ever.
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  6. I clicked the spoiler tag, while at work, and hyperventilated a bit.
  7. Aren't you glad I didn't post the only genuinely NSFW Harry Judd gif?
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  8. Small victories.

    Y'all really don't want me to participate this round, right?
  9. Not if you're going to slander my entry like you did last round.

    Anyway, I'd rather look at Harry Judd than cats. Sorry.
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  10. If only we still had the MEN. and WOMEN. off-topic threads where all this thirsting could be contained!!
  11. Like someone posting 50 of the gif-version of whoever that is in your avatar? That was a fun one to watch over and over.
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  12. As if thirsting can be contained on Popjustice. That would be like trying to contain cat gifs.

  13. What is this shade.
  14. If I can't draw you in with Harry Judd gifs, I can at least try to draw you in with shade...

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  15. I like McFly. Carry on.
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  16. Ah, such a short leap from "oh that reminds me of a ZZ Top video" to this:
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  18. See, @Mina?


    (By the way, I discovered the most amazingly @iheartpoptarts video last night... but I'm saving it for a future round.)
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  19. I give up.

  20. Ray


    Oooh. ZZToponica is coming soon.
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