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PJOPS (Song Contest) 35/XXXV: PJBOPS - Enter by Sunday (Nov 19) at 11:59 PM GMT!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. I still have no idea what I'm going to enter but I WILL find something.
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  2. I love my entry, I'm hoping it passes veto
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  3. Ray


    Mine already passed veto and honestly y'all don't bother trying. Just send John Cage or something. All the points are belong to me.
  4. John Cage has bops?

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  5. This is how I picture perennial PJOPS participants.
  6. Ray


    Duh, just look up "john cage 4:33 dance mixes" on Spotify. My favourite is the David Morales one but I'm old-school like that.
  7. ...the 18th deadline is approaching rather too quickly... why do I always do this?
  8. Oooh. I thought I could send in my votes next week. No idea where I got that from (my own confusion) despite it stating clearly in the title it is the week.

    Is it perhaps an idea to tag non-voters so far @iheartpoptarts to prevent (some) people missing the deadline?
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  9. Votes? Sis, this is the song submission deadline. How are you going to vote when the list of songs isn't out yet?

    (Maybe you're thinking of PJSC. The PJSC votes are due on the 25th.)
  10. Ah. True. This is PJOPS. I in fact thought it was the deadline for PJSC. @iheartpoptarts winning all these contests is so confusing, scream.

    Phieuw! Ooh and now I am perched for the list from PJOPS. Last time was pretty lit. Hoping that flame is still burning!
  11. I made that exact same mistake in one of the last contest rounds. Suddenly the @Sprockrooster is me.
  12. As long as you didn’t send your ballot to the wrong host...
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  13. Ray


    Jeez. I was like votes?! What? Where? How?
  14. [​IMG]
    This is not the 00PS you are looking for...
  15. Oh had no idea this was open but luckily I have a bop to send in
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  16. Hehe, just don't send me your eventual PJ00s entries and we're good!
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  17. I can't remember the exact rules, and my head is splitting, so can someone give me a straight answer?
    Is the limit for album tracks top ten albums or top twenty?
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  18. There isn't a formal limit for PJOPS.

    (It's top ten for PJ00s.)
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  19. My advice would be to just try it, and send in a backup entry too if you're worried!
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  20. I hope that the good sis @iheartpoptarts bestows us with more than a week to score the entries. I'm out of town next week and won't have any time.
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