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PJOPS (Song Contest) 35/XXXV: PJBOPS - RESULTS!!!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Today in PJBOPS world, we celebrate the early 90s! Good times.


  2. "Paula Abdul gets what she deserves".
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  3. $ucce$$!
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  4. I also never realised Jacob Rees-Mogg used to be in NKOTB.
  5. ...Debbie Gibson's "Male" call...???
  6. Almost done with the list of songs and there are some really strong contenders there, and some not so much. A rediscovery is very likely to get my 12. May I ask - the favourite entry bit overall - can that be an entry from this round?
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  7. The love and adoration of millions.

    And by millions, I mean me posting on here about how great she was a million times.
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  8. Absolutely!

    To me this is such a strong round, like, I can't even. I'm so proud of you guys.
  9. I wanna see Daylight In Your Eyes!

    Oh wait! That's from PJ00s...
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  10. Well, my votes are done, so no deductions for me.
    As usual, I think I'll need every point that I can get.
    I didn't give any points to Toy Box, despite the fact that I also like to ride an elephant.
  11. And I am done! Picking the song to spotlight turned out to be very easy once I saw the full list. I hope you all are entranced by it when it is featured!
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  12. I definitely didn’t choose my favourite PJOPS entry to represent me. I went with the one that was most fitting for my entry (and I’m pleasantly surprised that it did well at all).

    I just hope the person who submitted that entry has voted for me this time...
  13. Well, let's say the one I chose does interesting things if you look at my entry this round as a benchmark...

    Like this image:

  14. I still don't know what this image actually is. Is there a Sailor Moon reference I'm supposed to have got?
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  15. It is my face on a Sailor Mars body...
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  16. I hope someone gave my entry a 12.
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  17. I hope I get at least 12 points total...
  18. You know how to fix it next round..
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  19. In PJ00s maybe! This is my PJOPS swan song....
  20. Oh yeah, sometimes I forget which contest's thread I'm in.

    I'm in the same boat with you for this contest.