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PJOPS (Song Contest) 35/XXXV: PJBOPS - RESULTS!!!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. There's a lot of us in that boat this time around, I think!
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  2. That's why I enter all of them! At least in one I have to be succesfull at some point
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  3. Look at me sailing my I-know-exactly-how-many-points-I-have boat all by myself. I think I'll go to Hawaii.
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  4. I am so sad @Mina is leaving us after this round. What if we promise heaps of cat gifs next round?
  5. @Mina so you're leaving not only PJSC but PJOPS too? WHY?
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  6. Because:
  7. I don't know why, but somehow when everything's all Christmas, the pompom sweater actually makes sense.
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  8. Ray


    I need to update this.
  9. We need a festive Bjorkonica too!
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  10. Finally started on my scores, two observations...

    1 - People's bops definitions really differ - pitched up speedcore all the way to to snooze! EDIT: Including mine - think I was so used to the remix that I'd forgotten how fast/slow the original is...

    2 - I really dont like tinny euro house production and overly tweaked vocals anymore (actually did I ever I wonder)... cue half of the song list struggling so far.

    Picking a top ten may be struggle...
  11. I'm on the 7th track of the Spotify playlist for PJ00s 3 and.. listening to the songs so far reminds me why I was reluctant to enter it . The 'PS' in PJOPS is very appropriate.
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  12. Based on what I know of your taste...
    there's stuff you will like. It's just not at the beginning of the Spotify playlist (and some of it isn't even on Spotify).
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  13. I'm up to track 20 now (a couple of earlier tracks are blocked). Here's my commentary (without revealing the songs) for 4 tracks I may vote for so far:

    "- I like the music, but the lyrics are bad and the featured female singer in the middle was unnecessary."

    "- Pleasant enough."

    "- OK."
  14. This sounds like @Mina talking about her PJOPS shortlist.

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  15. Also:


    Makes you wonder what I eventually went with...

  16. The real kii is what is going to happen to that embedded picture once I change my avatar back to Elijah Blake in the new year.

    (Who am I kidding? Nineties Monica and her pompom cuffs are iconic.)
  17. One or both of those images might get saved to a lot of users' hard drives...
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  18. Scarily similar to mine... just finished and without spoilers, here are a few snippets...

    "a bit tinny"
    "too squeaky a vocal, plods a bit"
    "More bouncy annoyance… "

    Sadly a bit of a sparse round for new discoveries piquing my interest.
  19. Same here. Have to say this is my least favourite round so far; I feared the worst when the songlist came up, and it's proving as alien to my tastes as I thought it might be.
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  20. Enjoying my top three though (admittedly my no.1 was already known to me and a shoo in for points barring epic new discoveries)