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PJOPS (Song Contest) 35/XXXV: PJBOPS - Voting Closed / List Up / Bonus Game Now / Results 6 PM GMT

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. It's my favorite non-cat gif xx.
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  2. There are such things?
  3. According to Random Thoughts, indeed.
  4. Me too.
    I also had a song from this round on my PJ00s future entry list which has not helped.
  5. But shouldn't PJOPS and PJ00s eligible songs be mutually exclusive?
  6. Yes, but having just the album meant I didn't think to check the single release year.
  7. That saved you a veto, then...

  8. Yes, we'd veto a single released in 1999 off an album released in 2000.
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  9. Early 00s bop alert as yours next round, got it! I love hints to try and figure out who sent what!
  10. Yes, still 100% veto free.
    But sadly no longer 100% Monica jpeg response free...x
  11. You would? I'm not sure I would...depends on the release, really.

    Maybe this is why I should return to veto duties!
  12. I think they're talking about PJ00s
  13. Yeah, for PJ00s, the song has to have been initially released between 01.01.00 and 12.31.09.
  14. Oh sorry, I misunderstood. Yeah, for the 00s, that would be correct.

    (See, I can't even follow a discussion about more than one PJSC at a time, let alone take part in them).
  15. My fault for posting a dog .gif in the wrong thread
  16. All the PJ song contest threads are officially sponsored by cat gifs.

    (Sorry @iheartpoptarts)
  17. If "8 out of 10 Cats" did Popjustice, I would so be Jon Richardson*....


    *without the beard. And curly hair. And Mancunian accent...but with the OCD.
  18. Rescuing this thread from page 2 (and sorry for the tangent, @iheartpoptarts!).
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  19. Hey guys! We've had a surprising amount of early votes already!
  20. I said this in the last thread:
    Here is the basic bop that I didn't subject you all to:
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