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PJ's FAVORITES RATE: #25 - Greatest pop song of the 21st century falls.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ufint, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. I seem to be losing 10s left and right lately, huh.
  2. Wow, that did not just happen. What a rate discovery.
  3. I fear my 11 is next but I am also shocked it has made it this far, so I am here waiting with baited breath...
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  4. Darn! I thought Cold War was going to sneak into the top 15 at least. Maybe I should've entered Locked Inside instead?

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  5. [​IMG]

    Y'ALL... I'm genuinely shook at this elimination (not at the low scorer). I thought this would at least make it into the top 20. I guess Janelle continues to experience PopInjustice.
  6. Tonight we're going to lose another 11, and I can't wait to see the reactions from some of you guys. This is a big one.

  7. NOOOOOOOO!!!! Cold War is top 10 for me in this rate! Janelle deserved SO MUCH BETTER! Y'all need to get some taste!

  8. Is this elimination supposed to be revenge on @gagapourgaga for tanking Unfinished Sympathy or something? Because ouch. This is out way too early, but an average of 7.939 is... pretty good, I guess. Cold War managed to beat Unfinished Sympathy by 0.006, which is quite something when you consider how great both songs are.

    It's Kellindo Parker, her guitarist.

  9. I fully expected Unfinished Sympathy to be one of the first out but clearly a lot of people love it so I'm definitely going to give it a few more listens.
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  10. #28 (TIE)
    Average: 7.939
    Submitted by: @Robsolete
    Highest: 11x1
    (@2014), 10x6 (@Weslicious, @londonrain, @TRAVVV, @Alouder98, @GhettoPrincess, @constantino)
    Lowest: 2x1 (@Zar-Unity)

    Popjustice icon and legend Samantha Tamania Anne Cecilia Mumba bows out at number 28. Not unlike Annie, you guys have really done the most when it comes to hailing her as the second coming of Christ and ha tremendous impact on pop music. I guess she’s the musical equivalent to Stacy Layne Matthews. I’ve been here for ten years almost, and there’s no other artist with one album out that has garnered so much attention and been mentioned as much as Samantha Mumba. I do like it, it’s perfectly serviceable teenpop, but I do have to admit that I’ve been waiting for this to leave – mostly for the meltdowns from some of you guys.

    Anyway. “Gotta Tell You” is Samantha’s debut single and was an international hit. It got to #1 in Ireland and New Zealand, #2 in the UK, #3 in Australia and #4 in the US. I remember loving it back when it came out and I was so excited to hear more from her, but sadly I never did… and I still haven’t to this day. Not that there’s that much unheard material, because after she released her debut album she never released anything more, except for some unreleased songs that have made their way around the internet and in the 2008 documentary. Such a shame really.

    Comments for this one weren’t as positive as they’ve been for other songs, and you can divide them in to two groups; those who think it’s merely okay and those who love it almost as much as they love men.

    Permanent low scorer Zar-Unity (2) doesn’t have anything nice to say about this one. Even when he gives a song a 4 or a 5 he usually tries to keep it somewhat positive, but nope, not this time: “I vaguely remember this artist but she seems kind of forgettable to me, sorry. Her voice is okay for R&B styled pop but the music is very average. The beat, melody and the production to this song is seriously lacking for me.” Ouch. Sprockrooster (5) wasn’t around when Samantha Mumba was all the rave, and he never quite got it: “Nothing really special.” kermit_the_frog (6) thinks his “score is generous, though my memory of it is generous too – what became of Ms Mumba? Well, having trawled through the (roughly 500 page) thread about her career and its abrupt end, I sort of know. I’m not sure that she ever really had star quality and I always found it amusing at the time that a Max-Martin-Britney knock-off recorded by a black girl could now qualify for the tracklisting of R&B compilations.” I don’t know what to say to that one, really.

    I would think, considering all the rates Ironheade (7) has been doing, that he would be here for this, but I guess not: “An artist I only knew through references on PJ. Well, it has a nice beat, good bouncy bassline, solid chorus, interesting percussion-heavy breakdown, and Samantha's vocals aren't bad - I don't really like the more nasally inflections, but her contralto voice adds something different for this kind of teen pop that works pretty well. Again, early 2000's teen pop is not really my thing, but this is a solid example of it all the same.” Stradiwhovius (6) has got me wondering what this “awful” he’s talking about is: “All the best of the awful parts of the early noughties can be found here and I love it.” CorgiCorgiCorgi (8) says “this was on my favorite NOW CD, That’s What I Call Music! 6”. That was my favorite NOW CD too! Gimmework (8) “hadn't heard this since I was young and forgot all about it! Somehow it's way better than I remember it. Well done Samantha.” I was actually positively surprised about how good it sounds even now 17 years later, but I have listened to it quite a few times through the years because PJ will keep her fire burning until the end of time. One Stop Candy Shop will be happy to know that Samantha is alive and well, and that we will probably get yet another re-release of this track five years down the line: “A forgotten jam. She had (has?) such a recognizable voice. With (more) good songwriting she could've been bigger, no?” I guess we’ll never know.

    Squashua (9) “was obsessed with Ms. Mumba back in the day, I'd spend hours trying to find this video on the all the music channels because her parkour bop ways were magical to me. I wish she'd been able to keep her career chugging along because this whole album was stacked full of great tracks, Gotta Tell You being just the most remembered of them.” Me too, sis, me too. gagapourgaga (8) knew he would turn out fabulous one day: “Samantha was my childhood QUEEN.” We get at least one mention of the word queen in each elimination, and for each time I guess some of you Queen haters are getting more and more upset that it’s peeing all over your faves. Sorry 2014, don’t ban me. berserkboi (9) is more of a Always Come Back To Your Love and Baby Come On Over (I literally just copy-pasted some song titles from Wikipedia since I’m not familiar) kind of girl: “Objectively her best song but not my favourite of Samantha’s.”

    The rest of the comments belong to those who gave it a damn near perfect score. Luckily those who gave it a 10 are pretty vocal, so I’m hoping to get some reactions to keep this thread alive. TRAVVV (10) loves himself “a moody mid tempo moment” and I think we all can agree on that, whether it be this song or another. WowWowWowWow (10) needs a Time Machine: “Irish princess of pop and sci-fi movies!”. ryan_riot92 (9,75) is thinking about “that perfect era of when the 90s and the 00s kind of intertwined to make amazing music. Honestly, I never really thought about how much I like this song until this rate … When it came up in the playlist I literally was like “OH MY GAWD I REMEMBER THIS SONG!!” and bopped like there was no tomorrow. So to whomever chose this song … thank you for bringing it back into my life.” Constantino (10) is of course here for it, even though he was still in his nappies when it came out. That’s probably why he’s stanning for the new version: “Come through @Robsolete! Like, give the other girls A CHANCE. Damn, this padge is all sewn up. Buy and stream ‘Gotta Tell You (New UK Version)’ now!” You guessed who submitted it! You’ve won a one year supply of Raven Symon-yay, the Pointer Sisters in or out of their Andrew Christian underwear and a cash price of 1 dollar! That’s a lot of fucking money. Since Robsolete didn’t submit any commentary or vote for that matter, we’ll let londonrain (10) get the last words for tonight: “Iconic. Why didn’t Queen Samantha and her army of Swedish songwriters just give us six amazing pop albums? I blame the Americans for tanking her debut album.”

  11. The bubbly's in the fridge.
  12. I'm happy to see teen-pop make it so far in a compilation rate though.
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  13. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I can't.
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  14. I'm so sorry, @Robsolete. I did ask if I could change my 11 to this song, but @ufint smacked me down because the reveals had already started.

    Since when is Gotta Tell You R&B-styled pop? You realise black people can record music without it being "R&B-styled", right?

    Fix it.

  15. I'm afraid to ask: what was your score?
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  16. Oh it was a 9. I don't think I've heard anything from her before this rate and will definitely change that. Her music is on my 'to-do list'
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  17. I'm shook at you liking Anniemal.

    I don't think you'll like the Xenomania tracks on the second album but I like Loco and My Love is Better. I Don't Like Your Band is cute.

    Songs Remind Me Of You is my favorite Annie song. It's between that and Me Plus You. Some Girls, it's impact.

    And poor Samumba.
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  18. One of the best pop songs of the 00s didn't even hit a 8.0 average? Y'all are savage.
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