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PJ's FAVORITES RATE: #25 - Greatest pop song of the 21st century falls.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ufint, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. I’d hate to be on @Robsolete ‘s bad side!
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  2. I'm out atm, so I can't post the violent and threatening gifs I have prepared, but #28... are you fucking kidding me?! I submit the best song of all time, the most iconic debut single ever and the peak of all recorded music and you bastards let it go out at number twenty fucking eight?

    The people who gave this a 9 or higher, consider yourselves safe. The people who gave it lower than that... I will kill you. Especially you @Zar-Unity.
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  3. Drag em!!!!
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  4. Yeah that part of the commentary caught me off guard but I figured I'd let others gather ha. Well done @londonrain.
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  5. Noooooo! The shookedness continues.

    On a good note, my friend met her out recently and she said she was so nice!
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  6. It's alright, sis. I know you did your best, but with tasteless swines like this voting, what can we do.

    Also this run of singles?! Someone name me a better one. Go on, I'll wait.
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  7. The run of singles from the album that my pick is on.

    Good thing I can count on your 11 for that... OH WAIT.

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  8. I was being restrained. It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine that people can look at a black singer and automatically assume that anything they record MUST be R&B in some way... but let me not start on that rant.
  9. I'm sure I would have given your song an 11 although we'll have less talk of any singles run ever besting Sammy while I'm still in mourning, thank you.
  10. Oh yeah? Bring it on! I'm armed!

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  11. @Robsolete I tried


    Looking forward to the massacre...
  12. Okay, let's go with 7-or-less to leave at this point:

    (The highlighted ones first)

    Purple Rain
    The Dog Days Are Over
    Pagan Poetry
    I'm In It With You
    The Roof
  13. I'm so fuming I'll be able to take you all with my bare hands.

    Don't worry, your 10 was immediately noted. Such a display of good taste will always be remembered, sis.
  14. 2014

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  15. Sorry @Robsolete I would have given Samantha an easy ten.
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  16. After what happened in here today, I'm used to cruelty.
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