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PJ's FAVORITES RATE: #25 - Greatest pop song of the 21st century falls.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ufint, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. This may seem a little hypocritical as someone who didn't vote, but WHY DIDN'T YOU VOTE?!
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  2. I got wrapped up in other things and forgot the deadline, but I kind of just wanted to celebrate the songs anyway rather than critique them because they feel like personal choices! I don’t really like bringing people down on something important like that.
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  3. If only the lower scores for Samantha had thought like this, as I now have half a forum to track down and kill.
  4. Your watch eh?
  5. Watch it or I will go awf on you and knock your lights out faster than you can even blink.

  6. Thank you for wording my thoughts much better than my own clumsy comments!
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  7. Oh, I think you made the point well. I think any R&B compilation that doesn’t understand what R&B is does not deserve to be taken seriously.

    I know that nobody specifically said that her race was the reason for describing Gotta Tell You as “R&B styled”, but I find it hard to come to any other conclusion as there is literally nothing about the song that justifies the description “R&B styled” in any shape or form.
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  8. girls...

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  9. Why do people want "Pagan Poetry," one of the greatest songs ever, to leave?
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  10. Not 'boppy' enough for them?
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  11. Besides my 11, I only gave out 3 10's. Glad to be on the RIGHT side of history for all things La Mumba.
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  12. None of these songs should be the next to leave. I will only accept a 27-way tie for first.
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  13. Except Some Girls! In saying that, it still got a decent score from me...

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  14. You know, I was thinking the same thing..sort of, in the very beginning of the rate when my Anggun song was already out way too early. Then later I came to my senses and just realized that her music, and the particular song I had chosen was just not everybody's cup of tea.

    I can accept that.
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  15. All of the drama of people's favorites leaving and the threats don't faze me at all, because..remember when you guys pretty much just completely ignored my brilliant entry and let it go so soon? Nuff said..

    I pretty much knew that was going to happen, so in retrospect I probably shouldn't have even participated.
    Still, this has been a fun and interesting rate so I'm kinda glad that I did.
  16. I can't.
  17. @ufint, can you please tell me if I'm the lowest scorer for "Zombie"?
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  18. Not gonna lie, this rate wouldn't be nearly as entertaining without @Zar-Unity 's rate villain antics.