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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost Boy, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    Me submitting my behemoth of a song.
  2. Please tell me my new fave bop isn't already taken!
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  3. 2014

    2014 Moderator

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  5. If seeing Aly & AJ gives someone nightmares, that's on them.


    I am entering now, it's going to be holiday -- kind of, and I'm going to flop.
  6. I'm feeling festive so I will be liking all posts in this thread until further notice.

    However, I'm not festive enough to let a song through that already competed in a previous contest, so if you were the person who submitted Bianca Ryan's "What I Gotta Do," what YOU gotta do is send a new song to @Lost Boy or via the form.


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  7. I wish I could've found a more Christmasy song, but I still like the one I went with.

    Edit: ...and it looks like that singer's been submitted two or three times already! On to the backup.
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  8. Yessssss do the work for me

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  9. I've been checking all the usual 'go to places' for me when it comes to obscure pop bops for the last week and everything I've come across is


    I'll give it a few more days but, this time, it looks like I'm sending a personal favorite I know won't go down well


    or ... I might even troll.

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  10. I apologize for changing my entry so much but the last one I sent in should be the final one!
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  11. I KNEW it kept changing


    I'm going through the version history and you've literally changed it SIX times ddd. IN ONE DAY
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  12. I'm indecisive!

    This was me going through my Spotify playlist:

  13. Me changing my entry after stumbling upon a better one by chance the day after submitting.
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  15. Ugh I want to change mine too now haha! But unless I get vetoed, I won't. Not fair and all that. I'll surely post it in the thread if nobody chooses it though!
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  16. Why not keep it for next round? I’ve potentially already found my next entry.
  17. Because it's a festive one and people will barely want to listen to them this round, let alone January!!
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  18. @Mina will you be joining us?