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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I tried to RNG a shiny Latios in my SoulSilver. I nearly threw my PC out of the window.
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  2. Currently doing my first ever Nuzlocke. I'm doing it on Blue and I've been having some rough times. So far my team is:

    Lambert (Wartortle)
    Madilyn (Wigglytuff)
    Misty (Butterfree)
    Gray (Zubat)
    Janette (Rattata)

    Doug the Ratatta (Level 2 - Level 14) [Died to a trainers Bellsprout in Mt Moon.]

    Didn't know that Route 4 is the same route on both sides of Mt Moon because I wouldn't have gone into the grass just before the cave and caught Jigglypuff. Don't know what to do for Misty.
  3. RJF


    Catch a Bellsprout after Nugget Bridge.
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  4. Just revisiting the conversation about Milotic for a second: on my last play through of Moon, my Milotic absolutely murdered in online battles and my boyfriend (who had Sun) dreaded it appearing when we battled. I love it.
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  5. Fun coincidence: my first ever shiny was a random Sandile in X and just the other day i had a random shiny Krokorok in Ultra Sun.

    It was my second shiny in US, the first was shiny Altaria in one of the wormholes
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  6. I really wish they’d altered Team Skull for USUM. And by “altered” I actually mean “getting rid of them and apologising profusely for such a problematic abomination”.

    They really are the worst enemy team in Pokemon history.
  7. They provide some funny moments and they have great theme songs, what more can you ask for? Not to mention their base was pretty cool as well.
  8. I finally completed Mantine surf. RIP my thumb.
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  9. It's coming.

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  10. 0 and 1? I hope that's not supposed to mean it's a reboot in Kanto or something like that.
  11. Dddd, this reads a bit like Pokemon Average and Pokemon Terrible. I like the idea of an ouroboros legendary though!
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  12. I wonder what the follow ups will be called? Pokémon ∞ and Pokémon -? Pokémon -1 and 2?
  13. I'm surprised they didn't go for like... + and - or something.
  14. 0 and 1 don't really make sense at all as titles.
    Why would someone get 0 version when they can have the 1 version. Visually they just seem hard to market to these eyes? If they are going for ones and zeros that appear in code, Digimon says hi.

    Anyway, they trademark names constantly, so I wouldn't read to far into it.

    Further more, I'll say this once for gen 8, but the 2 version tradition need to CEASE on the nintendo switch ecosystem and the fact that there are even HINTS of two titles makes me rage irrationally. The 2 version system is simply outdated and obsolete, it's mechanic is NULL now that there is global online options for doing everything and anything 2 versions did while 'connected' before, and any attempt to justify the existence of two versions is customers giving them permission to charge you twice for the same shit.
  15. I think the code is exactly what they're going for. And to be fair, Digimon is a non-entity these days.
  16. I don't mind split versions, but they will have to be completely different plots and maybe even regions. As they should be all along. Five version exclusive mons was never a decent excuse for the multiple versions.
  17. Hold on to your knickers, the Switch and Pokémon are coming to destroy everything.
  18. [​IMG]

    Queens. Their impact.
  19. Looks like the 1 and 0 legendary Pokemon are more of the same unique ULTRA BEAST designs we've seen in Sun and Moon. . .
  20. Hopefully they get shafted just like Lunatone and Solrock did.
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